How to throw a Jubilee party for your dog
Just for fun27 May 2022Small dog in a field wearing a gold paper crown

How to throw a Jubilee party for your dog

Don’t leave your four-legged friend out of the bank holiday weekend celebrations! Here are three pawsome ideas for your dog-friendly jubilee party.

1. Pawfect Party Hats

Cavachon wearing a party hat and bib

Get festive and picture ready with this simple craft. There are lots of templates online to make it simple. However, all you need is a piece of colourful craft cardboard, your choice of decorations, a pair of scissors and your dog’s head.

Cut a large circle out of the cardboard. Cut a wedge out of the circle so that you can roll it into a cone. Check the sizing on your dog's head before glueing or sellotaping the cone together. Finish off with pom-poms, glitter or whatever takes your fancy!

If you are inviting your dog’s pals, make sure to make enough hats to go around.

2. Recipaws

A special jubilee dessert is key to the celebration. Our dogs may not be able to enjoy the lemon trifle that won the baking competition, but we can make them their own special treat.

Try this super simple three-ingredient recipe. Replicating the shape of the Union Jack, it is the perfect centrepiece for your party.

Why not check out our other recipaws to make a platter of treats for your dog?

3. Activities

No party is complete without a few games. Here are a few ideas that will engage your dog and keep them entertained over the long weekend:

Treat Hide & Seek

Just as it sounds, this activity involves hiding your dog's favourite treats around your home or garden.

Two Bulldogs smiling at the camera

Hide & Seek

You could also play conventional hide and seek with your pup. Tell them to sit and stay before hiding. Then call them from your hiding spot and see how long it takes for them to find you!

The Shell Game

Line up three cups with a treat under one. Show your dog where the treat is before hiding it. Shuffle the cups around and see if your dog can pick the cup with the treat in it.

Pomeranian smiling whilst being stroked

Tug of War

Lots of dogs enjoy tug of war and it is a great way to engage with your dog and tire them out. If there are multiple dogs they may be content to play against one another.

Will you be celebrating the Jubilee with your owned or borrowed dog? We would love to see if you use any of these ideas so tag us in your photos!

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