A pawsome book release - Saving Missy
Press and news30 January 2020A pawsome book release - Saving Missy

A pawsome book release - Saving Missy

It’s safe to say, we love everything dog - so when we heard about the heartwarming novel Saving Missy we knew we had to share it with our community.

Here’s what it entails:

Missy Carmichael is withdrawn and uptight, terribly proud and terrified of anyone realising just how lonely she is. But Bobby the dog drags her around the local park, pulling her into the path of other dog owners, and it’s there she begins to make connections, dismantle her defences, build new relationships. A four-legged friend leads to two-legged ones; a whole community on her doorstep, if only she will let it in.

Beth Morrey is the author of the debut novel, and one of the Observer’s New Voices for 2020. She writes:

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“There is a little of Missy in me, and I found that getting a dog was an effective way of helping me unwind in all sorts of ways. My Polly is an ice-breaker, a conversation-starter, her waving tail an invitation. I’ve lost count of the number of individuals who’ve approached me to admire her fine and lustrous beard; children who’ve shyly asked to pet her; random people who’ve passed us saying ‘Hello, Polly.’ A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet – but your dog has. And so she pulls me into the path of others, which is sometimes all it takes to remind you that you’re part of something, that you belong. Just as Polly opens up my world, Bobby opens up Missy’s, teaching us to greet everyone with a wagging tail.

Why keep a dog and bark yourself? Let them bark, and see who comes your way…”

Saving Missy is a deeply relatable story of loneliness, community, second chances and the healing power of friendship – human and canine. It is out on the 6th February in hardback, ebook and audiobook.

As a special treat, we have an exclusive extract to share with our community. Take a sneak peek here!

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