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Heart-warming waggy tales from the BorrowMyDoggy community about leaving ‘Pawprints of Happiness’ on the lives of dogs and people.

For owner Annie, BorrowMyDoggy has had a very positive impact on her dog, Beezus:

It’s really good for her to be able to go out with other people and feel comfortable and have other experiences. She seems so happy.

Beezus, Annie and Charlotte’s story

I am so proud of my BorrowMyDoggy friends. I couldn't be happier, I've found a true dog lover that walks Bobby and also boards my two boys now if I need to be away from home.

Bobby, Clare and Neille’s story

It’s so much more than a business of dog walking and dog sitting. It's developing a doggy community and it’s such a better experience than kennels.

Darcy, Rosanna, Mike and Lauren’s story

​I feel so blessed to have met our borrower, Mandy. Byron has a really great time with Mandy and I’ve got more time too, so the balance is perfect.

Byron, Marylee and Mandy’s story

As soon as George sees his borrower, he gets so excited, does a big squeal and jumps up at her.

George, Katherine, Peter and Katie’s story

Our BorrowmyDoggy matches have been fundamental for Fuggle to be the happy dog that she is now.

Fuggle, Ingrid and Cathy’s story

When I got Leo, my circumstances changed. It used to be a struggle, but BorrowMyDoggy has been a life saver.

Leo, Liz and Sophie’s story

It provides peace of mind that if I need Bobo taking care of for the day, he’s with amazing people that live close by.

Bobo, Fabiola and Jason’s story

Doug is a rescue and wasn’t socialised at all. Through BorrowMyDoggy, he's now transformed from being shy to always wagging his tail.

Doug, Lisa and Tim’s story

BorrowMyDoggy has helped us through a difficult family time. Our borrower helps so Simba still receives all the walks he needs.

Simba, James and Mindy’s story

It's like hiring a babysitter. Our borrowers help because they love dogs, not because it's their job.

Posey, Caroline, Adam and Emma’s story

Oso is such a happy dog, but since joining BorrowMyDoggy, he’s so much happier.

Oso, Anna and Michael’s story

​Everyone comes out happier from BorrowMyDoggy.

Calvin, Steve, Ian and Ewan’s story

​I feel like we’ve become friends and it’s nice to leave your dogs with a friend as opposed to a kennel where you don’t know anybody.

Maximus, Maggie and Alex’s story

When Coco is with her borrower, we know she has the best time - it’s making her even happier.

Sarah and Coco’s story

BorrowMyDoggy has totally changed my life. When I’m with Dixie or Peppa, it fills me with so much happiness.

Katie, Dixie and Peppa’s story

BorrowMyDoggy has made me feel more connected to the community. It’s a win-win.

Herbie and Lisa’s story

Joining BorrowMyDoggy has made such a big difference to our lives.

Frank, Emily and Stew’s story

BorrowMyDoggy is a much better price than paying a professional dog walker who sometimes have up to 7 dogs, whereas here it’s a one-on-one experience.

Batman, Alex and Lexie’s story

At no point was Selene a stranger. By the time I’d decided Selene and Minnie were going to spend time alone together, Selene was my friend.

Minnie, Kate and Selene’s story

My BorrowMyDoggy experience has been tremendous, and I couldn’t do without it.

Crumpet and Victoria’s story

The biggest benefit of BorrowMyDoggy and this relationship is that I’ve found a friend, and I’ve found a friend for Ciccia.

Ciccia, Morena and Eilidh’s story

BorrowMyDoggy is a way of finding the perfect match for you that fits in with your life.

Bailey, Shirley and Tori’s story

BorrowMyDoggy has been fun and flexible - perfect for Poppy and perfect for us.

Poppy, Alexandra and Katy’s story

It’s lovely watching someone else get some pleasure out of spending time with Oscar. I know he’s happy with our borrower, Alice, and it’s great because he gets some extra love.

Deirdre and Oscar’s story

Scout’s now getting so much socialisation and exercise. He’s not just a happy dog, but also a manageable dog in a way that he wasn’t before.

Scout, Toby and JD’s story

BorrowMyDoggy is the best way to spend your free time and make friends along the way.

Tasha and Coco’s story

Roxy is going to stay at ours for 5 weeks over Christmas and we’re absolutely thrilled - we could not be happier. It’s going to be the best Christmas.

Roxy, Annik and Stephanie’s story

I’m like an honorary granny to Marion, Charlie's owner - we went to the ballet together and I made her soup when she was ill.

Charlie, Marion and June’s story

The companionship of a dog is really important. It's changed my life a lot.

Bibi, Gemma and Elizabeth’s story

I signed up to BorrowMyDoggy because I was pregnant and I knew that I needed a bit of help with such an active dog, in what could have been a very stressful time with a new baby.

Stanley, Kerry and Francesca’s story

The biggest benefit is being able to leave Hugo with people who enjoy having a dog in their lives.

Laney and Hugo’s story

Cherry now gets to go on lovely walks, has lots of friends, and she loves people. I’ve never seen her so happy.

Cherry, Elizabeth and Victoria’s story

I think it’s fairly obvious to see that Poppy absolutely adores her borrowers. I know that she’s in good company and that she’s loved and she loves them just as much.

Poppy, Sam, Sevan and Sharon’s story

I’m totally relaxed when Rufus is with my borrowers - he’s having a great time. BorrowMyDoggy is just absolutely perfect.

Rufus, Heather, Sue and Mel’s story

There are three words for BorrowMyDoggy - win, win, win. Win for the dog, win for the borrower and win for the owner.

Cider, Lesley and Steve’s story

BorrowMyDoggy is a very simple idea that makes the owner, borrower and dog happy.

Digby, Mary, Sofia and Julien’s story

BorrowMyDoggy is a no-brainer. Roxy needs a lot of exercise and with Lucy and I both working, there’s just not enough time.

Roxy, Richard, Jen and Dave ’s story

BorrowMyDoggy has changed Otto’s life - he’s grown in confidence and is now socialising with other dogs. It’s just fantastic.

Otto, Nicki and Catherine’s story

You can use a dog walker or doggy day care, but actually this is so much nicer because it’s just like Bertie has got another family.

Bertie, Sue and Hannah’s story

It's like our dogs get to go to their favourite aunt and uncles. Our dogs don't just like our borrower, they love her.

Roscoe, Lil, Jess, Frank and Mimi’s story

We now have a sense of purpose to exercise. It’s an inexpensive hobby and makes you instantly more relaxed.

Max, Josie, Alice, Sophie and Lucy ’s story

People love dogs and not everyone can have one, so it’s nice to be able to share your dog.

Bonzo, Jasper, Mary-Lou and Daniela’s story

We wanted to find someone that was actually doing it because they love dogs, rather than paying for a service.

Cosmo, Lucy and Ross’s story

BorrowMyDoggy is such a good investment to yourself and your mental state.

Quinton, Reegan, Claire and Sam’s story

As a dog trainer I think the BorrowMyDoggy experience is a win-win for all dog lovers

Ned, Simone, Harry and Jodie’s story

It’s not about money - I would prefer to give my dog to someone who wants to spend time with her, instead of paying someone.

Viola, Alessandra and Asha ’s story

BorrowMyDoggy gives me peace of mind - knowing that Dusty’s had a good walk and having lots of love and attention is really helpful.

Dusty, Caroline and Jane’s story

BorrowMyDoggy is much more than getting to take a dog for an occasional walk - you really get to know them.

Daniel and Poppet’s story

I originally started borrowing Prince when he was 9 months old, and then his owner then gave him to me when he was around 1 year and 2 months old - I’ve adopted him!

Amit and Prince’s story

My dogs are really important to me and I needed a reliable person who was going to think about them in the same way I do.

Beau, Murphy, Moushska, Marie-Antoinette and Suzanne’s story

We used to take McTavish to daycare, but weren’t sure what attention he was getting. Now, we have borrowers that hat genuinely like being around him.

McTavish, Kelsy, Greg, Emma and Lexi’s story

The difference between borrowing and kennels is the fact we offer our home, we give undivided attention and we’ve formed a relationship.

Ziggy, Chris and Gary’s story

I'm the Auntie who gets all the joy, and that's what I love, the flexibility!

Liz, Julie, Daisy and Rio’s story

My borrowed dog, Beezus is so happy all the time that she lifts your spirit immediately.

Beezus, Annie and Charlotte’s story

BorrowMyDoggy has brought so much friendship into my life through our mutual love for a dog.

Tony, Karen and Reggie’s story

The joy we have from borrowing Murphy is like we have our own dog, but we don’t have the commitment of our own.

Murphy, Caroline and Isabella’s story

BorrowMyDoggy is an opportunity to meet local people and be connected to the community, which you don’t get with professional dog walkers.

Kara, Amélie, Martin, Cherie and Rebecca’s story

I joined BorrowMyDoggy as a borrower and borrowed Churro. Then I ended up living with Churro’s owner and then getting another puppy who we are now also looking for borrowers for.

Mia, Rod, Churro and Chilli’s story

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