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Blue Monday

January can be a difficult month. With short days, cold weather and no exciting holidays to look forward to, it is no surprise that according to the NHS 2 million people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in the UK alone.

Finding the motivation to achieve your New Year’s resolutions, battling SAD and occupying your days can be difficult. However, we may have a solution to help you battle the January Blues!

If you are a dog owner who is struggling to get out and walk your dog as much as you need or are planning a January staycation and need dog care, then we can help. We have dog lovers in your local area who want to spend time with your beloved pooch and help you out for free.

If you are considering borrowing a dog but haven’t signed up yet, here are just a handful of reasons as to why you shouldn’t hesitate to get started.

Beating Seasonal Affective Disorder

A happy cross breed dog, month open, tongue out, wearing a frisbee round their neck

If you have SAD, you may have tried light therapy amongst other things to treat it. Did you know that exercise can be as effective as light therapy? You should aim for 1 hour a day and it is even better if it is at midday when you can maximise the amount of sunlight you are getting. Walking a dog is an easy and enjoyable way to fit in this type of exercise as a dog gives you purpose while walking and is a fun distraction. Forming a bond with a dog is also a great mood booster as making a dog happy has been proven to increase the production of the ‘love’ hormone. This can help to fight depressive emotions and feel more positive overall.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

A sweet Cocker Spaniel standing on a small rock looking off to the right into the distance

Walking a dog may push you out of your comfort zone, especially if you have been finding it difficult to leave the house. BorrowMyDoggy encourages meeting with owners and getting to know one another before you borrow a dog which is a great opportunity to socialise with someone you already have interests in common with - dogs! Whilst out for a walk you may bump into other dog owners and discussing your dog is an easy way to break the ice and lead to socialising for a brief period of time. Another way it can push you out of your comfort zone is by exploring new areas. Having a dog by your side may make you feel braver when you take a new route or check out a new park.

Walk a Dog, Improve Your Day

A fluffy Old English Sheepdog on lead looking up at camera, as if smiling

The NHS lists taking up a new hobby as a useful way to fight SAD, we think borrowing a dog could be the perfect hobby for you. Aside from the reasons listed above, exercise with a dog can also benefit your mental health and general wellbeing in other ways. Exercise may improve your quality of sleep, helping you feel restored and ready to face the day. You can rest easy knowing you have done a good deed for the day by helping out a dog owner and giving the dog a great walk. You may also find a new appreciation for winter whilst you are out exploring with your new four-legged friend.

We would love to hear your stories, so make sure to let us know if you have beaten the January Blues by borrowing a dog!

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