WaggyTales - Owner Scott and Lulu
Press and news19 February 2014WaggyTales - Owner Scott and Lulu

WaggyTales - Owner Scott and Lulu

This week we’d like to share with you the story of Scott, who found a borrower through BorrowMyDoggy to come in regularly and give him and his wife a helping paw with their beagle, Lulu. The arrangement is working so well for them, and we absowoofly love hearing these stories, and sharing them with you :)

My partner and I had a baby 10 months ago and decided that we needed a helping hand looking after our Beagle, Lulu. I’m away during the week, so we really wanted someone to be able to help out during the weekdays when my partner was alone with the baby and Lulu.

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We started looking online for a solution and even searched for dog walkers on Gumtree before we came across BorrowMyDoggy. The problem with finding a dog walker online is that you don’t know who you’re dealing with - it could literally be anyone. What’s great about BorrowMyDoggy is that you can browse peoples’ profiles, see what they look like and have the peace of mind that they have gone through the verification process. It’s also much more affordable than having a dog sitter - which we were paying for three or four days a week before.

It is important to us that Lulu feels settled and that she has a consistent routine, that’s why we were keen to find one or two borrowers in our area who could commit to taking her on a regular basis.

We started by looking at the profiles of the borrowers who added Lulu to their favourites which is where we found Camille. Not only does Camille live just down the road from us, but she also had Beagles when she was growing up so she knows all about the breed and its quirks! As a freelancer, she works from home which is perfect as she is available three times during the week when we need that extra help.

We messaged three or four times through the site, then Camille came round for coffee so we could meet in person and she could meet Lulu. Camille is really nice and absolutely besotted with Lulu - she even texts me on days that she doesn’t have Lulu to see how she’s doing!

We now have a great routine in place where Camille looks after Lulu three times a week. It has been an absolute godsend.

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