All subscribed BorrowMyDoggy pooches are covered by third party liability insurance protection. This pawsome benefit covers the owner and subscribed borrowers when taking care of a subscribed BorrowMyDoggy pooch.

BorrowMyDoggy insurance provides:

  • 24/7 coverage
  • Up to £1,000,000 for any one claim arising during the period of insurance for which you are legally responsible. These claims include:
    • third party accidental injury
    • damage to third party property *

Anyone being paid to look after the dog will not be covered by BorrowMyDoggy Insurance.

Insurance cover is only valid when both parties (owner and borrower) are subscribed.


All BorrowMyDoggy members must go through our verification process before they can chat and meet with one another.


Your address is confirmed at the same time as you subscribe.


We’ll send you a text message with a unique code that you type into the website.


You have the option to verify your photo by video. Owners please show us your lovely pooch too!

The BorrowMyDoggy Vet Line

In case of emergency, anyone taking care of subscribed doggies (owners, friends, family or subscribed borrowers), has free 24/7 phone access to veterinary professionals.

You’re able to ask questions, share concerns and be advised on the best course of action, whether that’s being directed to the nearest emergency vet clinic or just given some practical advice.

Welcome Woof & Borrowing Info

Just as you would with a friend, family member, kennel or dog walker, it's very important to get to know each other well before a dog is taken care of by someone new. Everyone, including the dog, needs to feel happy and trust each other since each pooch and person is different.

The ‘Welcome Woof’ is the first meet and greet for the owner, borrower, and dog to get to know each other. Often people meet several times before the borrower takes care of the dog alone, and sometimes even do house visits since matches are local.

To help everything run smoothly, owners should fill in the Borrowing Info section under their profile, and share this with any borrowers who are going to borrow their dog. The Borrowing Info section includes emergency contact details and useful information about the dog.

Borrowers should keep dogs on leads at all times, unless they have written permission from the owner explicitly stating that the dog is allowed off the lead. You can find our ‘Take the Lead’ form in the help pages.

If you have any questions then do not hesitate to contact us.

* A £150 excess applies in respect of third party property damage.