Waggy Tales - Owner Kirstie and Luna, Cambridge
Press and news5 November 2014Waggy Tales - Owner Kirstie and Luna, Cambridge

Waggy Tales - Owner Kirstie and Luna, Cambridge

Our latest Waggy Tale testimonial is with the lovely owner Kirstie and her absowoofly gorgeous pooch, Luna, who moved over together from America. Thanks to BorrowMyDoggy, they now both have new friends in for the form of their new borrowers - high paws!

Why did you sign up to BorrowMyDoggy?

I signed up to BorrowMyDoggy because I recently moved from California to the UK and I live on my own. I didn't know anyone who had dogs or who wanted to walk dogs. Basically, I found it difficult to both socialise and walk Luna, so BorrowMyDoggy was a way to find people who would help me exercise my dog and I also get to meet people in the area.

High paws! Tell us a bit more about your BorrowMyDoggy experience...

The website is really easy to use and easy to navigate around. One of the main things that I like an awful lot is the Doggy Info Sheet. It’s fantastic. It prompted me to write down things I might not have remembered to tell people about Luna. I have it at home to give to people whenever they take Luna out. I also like the verification process. My most valued possession is my dog so having the verification steps makes me feel more secure.

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Loads of people added Luna to their favourites, so I found the contactable option really helpful so I could see who was really interested in borrowing her. I'm basically only in contact with people who have sent me a message. I’ve been joking with my friends about joining as it feels like my dog is online dating. I signed up to a dating website on the same day that I signed up Luna to BorrowMyDoggy and, to be honest, Luna has been much more successful than I have!

How do you find the ‘Welcome Woof’ process?

I almost always arrange my ‘Welcome Woofs’ with borrowers on a weekend morning. We meet in the park, have a play with Luna and I get to know them. I try to ask as many questions as possible before I meet with people so I know how suitable they are - whether they can get to my house easily and what their weekday availability is like. I let people know that Luna and I go away at weekends so I don’t need weekend borrowing, it’s weekdays that I’m really looking for extra help.

One of Luna’s regular borrowers, Vicky, is a lifesaver. Vicky works locally and she messaged me through BorrowMyDoggy about taking Luna out. Our ‘Welcome Woof’ was really great. We chatted a lot and I felt really comfortable from the beginning. We did a secondary meeting where I showed her the logistics and we went on a walk. Vicky watched how I deal with Luna in different situations and how she acts. It’s great as it works out nicely to show people what I mean when I describe things on the Doggy Info Sheet

How is Luna getting on with her new pals?

Luna absolutely adores everyone. She's always so excited when one of her borrower friends comes to our house. Vicky comes round after work on Mondays and takes Luna out to the local park. They play fetch with two tennis balls and Luna’s always really tired when she comes home. Vicky feeds her if I’m not home and puts her back in her crate. I know Luna has a lovely time.

Mondays are a long day for me at work so it’s fantastic to know that Luna’s getting fed and a walk. Vicky really loves it too. One of the really nice things about meeting Vicky is that she introduced me to a park that I didn’t know anything about and now it’s my favourite park to walk Luna in.

Luna also has two more recent borrowers, Hilary and Pete, who have been really reliable and I get on with them very well. I joined BorrowMyDoggy during the summer but now it’s university term in Cambridge so I’ve gone back online to get in touch with other borrowers. Funnily enough, a guy at work is on BorrowMyDoggy and I didn’t realise till recently, so hopefully he will take Luna for some lunchtime jogs.

What's the one thing you would tell other potential owners about BorrowMyDoggy?

It’s absolutely fantastic! I would say that BorrowMyDoggy is not a replacement for dog walking, it’s for if you are capable of giving your dog a good amount of exercise and want to give them a bonus. Getting set up with the right person requires a decent amount of time, but there are loads and loads of people to choose from. Use your gut reaction and pick people who seem like you would like and trust.

What phrase do you associate with BorrowMyDoggy?

Peace of mind. I work in academia so sometimes I work late. The main thing I absolutely love about Vicky coming regularly is my Monday meetings very often run till 7pm so knowing that I’m not rushing back as Luna is being taken care of is such a peaceful feeling. It’s the greatest gift.

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