Waggy Tales - Owner Benj and Elvis, London
Press and news29 January 2014Waggy Tales - Owner Benj and Elvis, London

Waggy Tales - Owner Benj and Elvis, London

Yesterday, we shared with you our first Waggy Tale from Rebecca, a borrower from London who missed having a doggy in her life. Today, we bring you Benj and Elvis - the doggy and owner from Rebecca’s story.

I signed my dog Elvis up to BorrowMyDoggy as soon as I heard about it! Elvis is absolutely the coolest, funniest dog you'll ever know. He gives joy to all those who encounter him.

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BorrowMyDoggy is the perfect solution for me as I often have to work away from home and at short notice. Using the website shortens the amount of time it takes me to find someone that I can trust to look after Elvis. It lowers my stress levels… and his!

I’m really spoilt for choice with BorrowMyDoggy. There are so many people in my area who want to spend time with Elvis. When it comes to borrowers, I have no set rule on how many times we meet beforehand, I use my own judgement. Once I’ve chatted with someone through the site, I meet with them for the Welcome Woof to see how I get along with them and, of course, Elvis.

You know that the borrowers on the site are there because they love dogs. If they were professional dog-walkers, they might just see it as a means of making a living, but with BorrowMyDoggy it gives me tremendous peace of mind to know that everyone who signs up is doing so because dogs make them happy.

One of the best things for me is seeing how happy Elvis is when he comes back from spending time with a borrower. He always looks so satisfied! The last time he came back, he was absolutely wiped out as he’d been having so much fun playing with his borrower pal.

BorrowMyDoggy has been such a great discovery. I’ve met some amazing people and made some friends for life, as has Elvis!

To read the wagulous story of Elvis' borrower, Rebecca, simply follow this link :)

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