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Health and advice26 July 2021

Protecting your dog from pests & insects

Here is some prevention tips and handy advice about certain critters, pest and creatures that may be harmful to your dog if they come into contact with them.Read more
How-to20 July 2021

How to use BorrowMyDoggy for holiday care

We speak to our members every day and we're familiar with your commonly asked questions about using BorrowMyDoggy for dog sitting and boarding. We answer your questions here!Read more
Health and advice1 July 2021

Top tips for keeping your dog cool this summer

With the hottest days of the year upon us, here are a few simple things you can do to keep your dog cool and safeRead more
Health and advice20 June 2021

3 top tips to keep your dog safe at the beach

A day at the beach with a dog is a wonderful way to spend time together and enjoy the outdoors. Here are some top tips to help make sure your dog has a safe, yet fun time!Read more
Just for fun16 June 2021

10 great gift ideas for all types of dog dads

Whether its their birthday or you're celebrating Father's Day here are 10 great gift ideas for all types of dog dads!Read more
Just for fun7 June 2021

Royal dogs | Dogs loved by Kings and Queens

To mark the Queen's birthday we are looking back on the famous dogs of Kings and Queens from across the globe.Read more
Just for fun6 June 2021

Happy Pet Appreciation Week!

Here are 3 sure ways to make your pooch feel extra special during Pet Appreciation Week, the 6th to 12th June!Read more
Health and advice6 June 2021

Poisonous plants to dogs

In order to keep your dog safe, it is a good idea to know the potential dangers of the plants and flowers you have in your garden and house.Read more
Health and advice14 May 2021

Virtual dog walk | Mindfulness with Wicket

Mindfulness is a technique which involves paying attention to the present moment. Here you can see what being mindful looks like from a dog's perspective.Read more
Press and news13 May 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

This year to mark Mental Health Awareness Week we took the opportunity to highlight the power of dogs and share the amazing impact they have on our lives.Read more
Health and advice12 May 2021

Dogs and Mental Wellbeing: Ask a Therapist

Thanks to our friends at Spill, we had a chat with their therapist Graham, all about mental wellbeing and the part dogs can playRead more
Health and advice11 May 2021

Practicing Mindfulness with a dog

This Mental Health Awareness Week our pawsome pals at Nuffield Health, the UK’s largest health charity, have created the most pawfect mindfulness session... With a dog!Read more
Health and advice10 May 2021

Being more like dogs can help our wellbeing

Fluctuating mental health affects us all. With our friends at Luminate, we look at how being more ‘dog’ could benefit our working wellbeing.Read more
Health and advice9 May 2021

The 'pawsome' benefits of BorrowMyDoggy

We wanted to share some of our member stories about how using the site has helped their health and wellbeing in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week.Read more
Just for fun25 April 2021

Quiz | Which type of Bulldog is your pawfect match

Did you know Bulldogs come in all different shapes and sizes? Ever wondered which would be the perfect match for you? Take our pawsome quiz and find out!Read more
How-to11 April 2021

How to have a dog friendly wedding

Dogs are a special part of your relationship so why not include them on your special day. Here are a few things to help make your wedding dog-friendly!Read more
Health and advice30 March 2021

Tips for you and your dog in the great outdoors

Summer is on its way, at least in some parts of the country, but how do we make sure we all have lots of fun outside, while still staying safe and being on our best behaviour?Read more
Just for fun28 March 2021

Walk in the Park day!

The idea of ‘Take a Walk in the Park Day’, is to get out, enjoy a local park or trail and embrace your environment. Here's how you can take part!Read more
Press and news26 March 2021

BorrowMyDoggy and COVID pandemic, 1 year on

Now, a year on since the announcement of the lockdown we’re looking back over the past months and how our pawsome community has pulled together…Read more
Just for fun20 March 2021

Happy International Happiness Day!

Did you know dogs and humans get a mutual benefit from spending time with each other? Keep reading to find out how our moods can be boosted by spending time togetherRead more
Just for fun14 March 2021

Happy Mother's Day dog mums

To celebrate Mother’s day and the wonderful owners at BorrowMyDoggy, we asked the BorrowMyDoggy dog mum's what the bond between them and their dog means to them.Read more
Health and advice5 March 2021

Where and how to buy a dog responsibly

Here at BorrowMyDoggy, we want to help guide you through some of the options and help you experience the joy of dog ownership responsibly. Read more here.Read more
Just for fun1 March 2021

6 Welsh dog breeds | Happy St David's Day!

In celebration of St David’s day, we are taking a look at some wonderful Welsh dog breeds. Did you know these 6 breeds originated in Wales?!Read more
Health and advice27 January 2021

Find the right dog breed for your lifestyle

There’s a lot more to choosing a breed than just ticking the “cute” box. Here are some top tips to help you figure out what breed would be a pawfect fit for your lifestyleRead more
BorrowMyDoggy guides1 June 2020

How to dog share safely during COVID-19

We’ve created a helpful guide to show you how to reduce the risks of catching COVID-19 & make sure to follow your local government guidelines too.Read more
Press and news11 May 2020

Get your DOSE with BorrowMyDoggy

On Sunday 10th May we joined forces with DOSE to host a live Instagram event - here's what happened on the day!Read more
Just for fun26 April 2020

Quiz | Do you know your dog breeds?

How well do you know dog breeds? Most people can't tell these breeds apart, can you? Take the quiz and put that dog knowledge to the ultimate test.Read more
Health and advice29 March 2020

BorrowMyDoggy and My Family Vets Q&A

On Friday 27th March we hosted a live Instagram session with Zetland veterinary surgeon, Kathleen Pohl - take a look at the session here.Read more
Press and news16 March 2020

COVID-19: An update about safe dog sharing

With COVID-19 many of you will have questions and concerns about your dogs (whether they’re borrowed or owned) and dog sharing at this uncertain time. Read more hereRead more
Press and news2 March 2020

'Petfished' campaign

This month we’re partnering with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to help raise awareness on their Petfished campaign…Read more
Press and news30 January 2020

A pawsome book release - Saving Missy

It’s safe to say, we love everything dog - so when we heard about the heartwarming novel Saving Missy we knew we had to share it with our community.Read more
Just for fun28 January 2020

Quiz | Perfect holiday and perfect dog

We have a pawsome quiz for you to try! Answer the questions and we will tell you what dog breed you should borrow for your next holidayRead more
How-to21 January 2020

How to teach your dog to love being brushed

Teaching a dog to love being brush is relatively easy. Here’s a step-by-step process using only positive training methods.Read more
Press and news1 January 2020

Canine Cottages giveaway - £500 up for grabs!

Have you heard the pawsome news? To kick start 2020 we’re giving one lucky member the chance to win £500 to spend on a holiday with our new partners: Canine Cottages!Read more
Just for fun17 December 2019

Winter adventures you can have with a dog

The winter weather doesn't mean you and your dog need to stop having fun... Take a look at the fun activities you can get up to hereRead more
Press and news9 December 2019

Doggy Christmas Jumper Day 2019

On Sunday 8th December 2019, BorrowMyDoggy and Save the Children along with over 350 dogs broke the record for the most amount of dogs wearing Christmas jumpers.Read more
Press and news21 November 2019

You're invited to Doggy Christmas Jumper Day!

On Sunday 8th December 2019 BorrowMyDoggy & Save the Children will once again try to break the world record for the biggest gathering of dogs and people in Christmas jumpersRead more
Just for fun1 November 2019

#PickOfThePack - Heather and Teddy

We’re following borrower Heather and her summers day with Teddy, the Cavapoo. Take a look below to see what Teddy thought of the day!Read more
Press and news9 October 2019

World Mental Health Day and free dog hugs

To help share the love of dogs, this World Mental Health Day the BorrowMyDoggy team headed to Borough Market to provide free dog cuddles to those that needed them.Read more
Just for fun24 September 2019

Free tickets to the Great Dog Walk

We have some wagtastic news…Our friends at the Great Dog Walk have given us 100 tickets for our members to claim for free - that’s right for free! Get yours here!Read more
Just for fun16 September 2019

Quiz | Activities and the perfect dog for you

It’s time for another quiz! Do you wonder what dog breed you should borrow? Here's a fun way to find out! Take the quiz here.Read more
Health and advice11 August 2019

Can all dogs swim? These breeds can't!

Whether you dog enjoys the water or not there are breeds that aren’t built for a paddle. We did some digging to find the answer…Read more
Just for fun4 August 2019

A short film about BorrowMyDoggy

When a few graduates got in touch letting us know they’d be creating a short film about dogs and BorrowMyDoggy we couldn’t wait to share their pawsome work with our community.Read more
Health and advice31 July 2019

A dog walking guide to the Countryside Code

We'll be looking through the Countryside Code, and sharing a few tips for keeping your pooch safe while out on an adventure.Read more
Press and news30 July 2019

New film alert! The Art of Racing in the Rain

Who doesn't love a good film, especially when there is a dog involved! We’re super excited to see the new and upcoming film THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAINRead more
Just for fun28 July 2019

Top 10 items your dog needs this summer

We did some digging to find some cool items that will help keep our canine companions cool in the warm weather. Take a look to see what you should be adding to your basket…Read more
Press and news21 July 2019

Happy Birthday to us!

The 22nd July is a very impawtent day… It’s BorrowMyDoggy’s birthday! This year we’re celebrating our 5th birthday, or 35th if we’re talking dog years - high paws to that!Read more
Just for fun16 July 2019

Quiz | Favourite foods and rare dog breeds

It’s time for another pawsome dog quiz, using the quiz below choose your favourite foods and we’ll tell you what rare dog breed is your spirit animal!Read more
How-to27 June 2019

How to have a dog friendly BBQ

As fun as BBQs are, we want to make sure our canine companions have a fun time too, so we’ve pulled together some top tips on how to have a dog friendly BBQ.Read more
Press and news26 June 2019

BorrowMyDoggy at DogFest Bristol 2019

22nd to 23rd June some of the BorrowMyDoggy team, along with our pawsome pal at My Family Vets, headed to Ashton Court in for DogFest where we co-hosted an amazing stall.Read more
Just for fun19 June 2019

The day of #BorrowMyDoggyHQ dog, Melvin

We always love sharing with our community, especially when a cute dog is involved, so we thought we’d show you the day in the life of a borrowed dog here at BorrowMyDoggy HQ.Read more
Just for fun18 June 2019

Dollie's comic | A comic from a BorrowMyDoggy member

A couple of months ago a BorrowMyDoggy member shared an amazing comic about her borrowed dog, Dollie, on Twitter and it was too good not to share with more of our community.Read more
Just for fun17 June 2019

Top 5 reasons why you can’t miss the best dog’s day out, ever!

Need a fun day out for you and your pooch? Look no further! Take a look at top 5 reason you should attend Dog Fest this year, plus a special promo code for our members.Read more

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