Waggy Tales - Owner Gema and Cooper, Wiltshire
Press and news17 June 2014Waggy Tales - Owner Gema and Cooper, Wiltshire

Waggy Tales - Owner Gema and Cooper, Wiltshire

Gema signed up her gorgeous pooch Cooper to BorrowMyDoggy to find him some new friends for walkies, and matched with a local couple. Everyone benefits and gets on so well that Cooper is now borrowed a couple of times every week - high paws!

Why did you sign up to BorrowMyDoggy?

I signed up my dog, Cooper, to BorrowMyDoggy as he has so much energy and I wanted someone to help out as he always wants more attention. The website is fabulous. It’s so much help for both people and dogs.

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How was your ‘Welcome Woof’?

Great. I was messaging with a local couple about helping out with Cooper in the evenings through BorrowMyDoggy and we decided to meet up to see how we got along. Our ‘Welcome Woof’ was in a local park where they played with Cooper and asked me all about him. I really like them, they’re such a sweet couple. It was absolutely perfect.

High paws! Tell us about your BorrowMyDoggy experience...

Cooper’s new borrower friends look after him 2 or 3 times a week for long walks in the evening. They also take him on the weekends occasionally too. Recently they took Cooper to a dog fete and he won the third best looking dog in Salisbury competition!

I’m looking for some help during the day as well so hopefully some more borrowers in the Salisbury area will sign up soon.

How is Cooper getting on with his new pals?

Cooper is very happy, he loves making new friends. He knows the routine now too, so when I put his collar on at 6pm he gets so excited - running up and down the stairs and looking out the window! He loves them and they love him. It’s a fantastic service if people need some extra help with their dogs.

What's the one thing you would tell other potential owners about BorrowMyDoggy?

I’d say always go with your gut instinct. If you’re not sure then don’t worry, it’s your choice and you have to feel comfortable.

What one word do you associate with BorrowMyDoggy?


Hey there!

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