Metro's Tinder versus BorrowMyDoggy coverage
Press and news1 May 2021tinder versus borrowmydoggy

Metro's Tinder versus BorrowMyDoggy coverage

The author of the article in the Metro decided to try BorrowMyDoggy instead of Tinder for a change of pace.

After a disappointing time on the dating app, she thought about getting a pup but decided it would be too time-consuming. As a middle ground, she opted for BorrowMyDoggy, which connects dog owners with dog lovers who are not in a position to own one.

With some persistence, she finally found success on the BorrowMyDoggy app and even decided to engage in both a Tinder date and a dog meet-up in the coming week.

If you want to try and meet up with your very own borrowed doggy, you can sign up here or read more about the benefits of being a borrower!

Metro's original article can be found here.

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