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Happy Birthday to us!

The 22nd of July is a very impawtent day here at BorrowMyDoggy … It’s our birthday! This year we’re celebrating our 10th birthday, or 70th if we’re talking dog years - high paws to that!

It’s been a pleasure connecting dog owners with trusted local people who simply miss spending time with one over the years, and it’s been even better hearing all of your lovely BorrowMyDoggy experiences - we would be nothing without our pawsome community. From bringing neighbours together to borrowed dogs attending weddings, your feedback never fails to make us smile.

To celebrate this year, we will be making our Homemade Dog Birthday Cake. Why not make one for your own dog and share it with us on social media to celebrate? Settle in with your cake, best four-legged friend (borrowed or owned) and enjoy these member stories. All of these are testimonials from our community we have collected over the years!

A very happy, golden Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with his paws up on the table, looking eagerly at his dog-friendly birthday cake.

Wedding Guests

"A few years back I downloaded BorrowMyDoggy and found Oscar the Beagle! Not only have we bonded so well with him over this time, we have also become very good friends with the owner Paul & Bhavin. They just invited us to their wedding next year, which is taking place in Spain. This got me thinking, this would never have happened without BorrowMyDoggy. I'd like to thank you for this!"

Oscar's borrower, Samuel from London

Angel Kate

"I signed up to BorrowMyDoggy a year ago, my first response came from Kate and her mum, Helen. Kate and Helen came to meet my Yorkshire Terrier, Bumpy and I at home a couple of days later, and they began helping me look after Bumpy after school, and whilst I was at work.

Within a few months of them so kindly offering 10 hours per week helping me with puppy care, I had some changes in my personal life and mental health but rather than seizing all contact with Kate, supported by her amazing family, she loved, guided, supported and cared for both Bumpy and I through a very difficult six months. We were invited on family walks, she came to dog agility with us, she bought us gifts and offered her precious time, and she did these unbelievably kind and selfless acts for a local lady and her dog!

I am now in much better health, and it’s fair to say that the magical qualities of this amazing young lady are extremely rare to find in life, let alone in one so young.

I, therefore, wanted to express my deepest thanks and love to our angel and inspiration Kate and her family, from both Bumpy and I for everything you have done and continue to do, and to BorrowMyDoggy for introducing me to this incredible service."

Bumpy's owner, Donna

Sausage of honour

"We have been borrowing, Minnie, a Miniature Daschund for 2 years now. We got married in August and invited Minnie to be part of my bridal party - 'sausage of honour'! She walked down the aisle with my bridesmaids and was immaculately behaved and partied on into the night! She has become such a big part of our lives and her owners have become true friends."

Minnie's borrower, Felicity

Mental wellbeing

"I suffer from anxiety, and find being around dogs helps to calm me and make me feel at ease. I can’t keep a dog full time but BorrowMyDoggy has helped me to love a few special dogs and these special dogs have saved me and helped me to keep going and enjoy life."

Maia's borrower, Courtney from Plymouth

Overcoming fears

"My daughter was really afraid of dogs, every trip to the park or anywhere where we saw dogs (especially those not on a lead) she would panic and demanded to be picked up. We tried to rationalise with her, explaining the dogs aren't usually interested in her, just out on a walk, want to play with their ball but all was to no avail. I saw BorrowMyDoggy and we registered and found a Bichon Frise nearby that we now walk every Sunday. Sometimes there is another family dog there, and we walk them together. It has worked out really really well as she is now exposed to a larger dog too.

The transformation in my daughter's attitude to dogs has been amazing. She is so much better with dogs, and when we went for a country walk recently and encountered a big group of people and their dogs of various sizes, some on a lead, some off a lead, she is completely calm. I can't tell you how much this has really improved our walks!! She will now visit school friends that have a dog at home, which was previously out of the question. Her previous fear of dogs was a limiting factor in things she was willing to participate in and BorrowMyDoggy has really helped."

Bella's borrower, Samantha and family

Love at first sight

"4 years ago I met Alfie on your website after his owners became first-time parents. They felt Alfie needed some extra love and some long walks to burn off some of his boundless energy! It was love at first sight and I have been borrowing Alfie regularly since then. I work abroad a lot and having a dog just wouldn’t be fair, so BorrowMyDoggy is absolutely ideal for me and my husband. I take Alfie running and we all go for long walks in the countryside which Alfie loves. We even have sleepovers and Alfie and I recently attended DogFest where he was a very good boy! We’ve made lots of new friends together and we now have a pack we meet up with. Alfie is so incredibly loving and just the best company when you fancy a walk or a run – despite his love of chasing the local wildlife! Thank you so much BorrowMyDoggy for introducing me to one of my best friends. You’re doing great work."

Alfie's borrower, Alison from Hertfordshire

Finding friendship

"Sharing the love of my two Whippets with others is an incredible experience. BorrowMyDoggy has changed our lives dramatically - it allows the dogs to have a social life with plenty of exercise, whilst allowing me to work. Percy and Ferret are both really happy when they see their borrowers, and we’ve all become good friends, having drinks and meals on the regular. BorrowMyDoggy has been enormously helpful for Percy and Ferret, and for myself."

Percy and Ferret's owner, Jordi from Edinburgh

If you have a story to share with us and your BorrowMyDoggy experience, you can contact us on social media or directly to our help team. We would be thrilled to hear your story and share it with our members.

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