We welcome what3words to the Pack!
Press and news11 May 2021We welcome what3words to the pack!

We welcome what3words to the Pack!

We are very excited to have the lovely team at ‘what3words’ on board with BorrowMyDoggy for Work. what3words divided the world into 3 metre squares and gave each square a unique combination of three words. It’s the easiest way to find and share exact locations.

Here’s what Chloe (Fred’s owner) had to say about why what3words joined us and what employee wellbeing means to them:

Why did you join BorrowMyDoggy for Work?

We joined BorrowMyDoggy because we are a company with a large number of dog lovers and dog owners, and this seemed like a perfect fit!

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What is the main benefit you’re hoping to achieve from BorrowMyDoggy for Work?

We’re hoping to give our dog owners more flexibility in how they care for their animals while they’re away or busy, and give dog lovers the chance to interact more with dogs and gain the rewards that spending more time with dogs can bring to everyone, in particular the extra exercise which contributes greatly to people’s mental health.

What have dogs done for team bonding and stress relief so far?

When we were all in the office, people regularly brought in their dogs and it made a really friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Now we’re all working from home, many people have bought dogs - who sometimes feature on Zoom calls! - and we all share our love for these animals on a dedicated Slack channel, which is a welcome respite from the stress of the day-to-day.

What other things do you do for employees to help them maintain mental wellbeing?

We have had a Wellbeing and Mental Health Programme in place for a couple of years now, with a team of volunteers who are our wellbeing champions, plus regular talks, webinars, and initiatives such as Walk Together - encouraging people to exercise during lockdown.

How have you (the company or individual) changed your outlook on mental wellbeing in the past few years?

In the past year, more and more people have found themselves experiencing issues with their mental wellbeing, and there is now more of a feeling that everyone can (and does) struggle sometimes, so this needs to be something we all think about and look after in ourselves and other people.

Thanks for your insights Chloe. It’s clear to see that ‘what3words’ are motivated to improve employee health, and we can’t wait for you all to enjoy the dog care and wellbeing benefits of BorrowMyDoggy for Work, and are a happy team, powered by pups!

Check out what3words today at https://what3words.com/ and if your organisation wants to learn more about BorrowMyDoggy for Work visit https://treats.borrowmydoggy.com/work/.

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