BorrowMyDoggy partners with Dogs Trust
Press and news20 February 2015BorrowMyDoggy partners with Dogs Trust

BorrowMyDoggy partners with Dogs Trust

We are absowoofly thrilled to announce to you, our lovely members, that we are now official partners of Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity.

BorrowMyDoggy and Dogs Trust believe that dogs deserve the best lives pawsible, so we have teamed up to help dog lovers across the UK to enrich the lives of dogs and people. We already have some pawsome Dogs Trust rescue dogs in the BorrowMyDoggy community, like Bumble Bee and Sharpe.

Bumble Bee and Sharpe, two doggy members who were adopted through Dogs Trust

Together, Dogs Trust and BorrowMyDoggy share the aim of ensuring dogs are as happy as possible, and our partnership is working towards the same three goals:

1. Giving dogs a happy and healthy life.

2. Finding rescue dogs loving, forever homes with the right owner, at the right time.

3. Support dog lovers, including owners, in the best way we can.

"Everyone at BorrowMyDoggy is absowoofly thrilled to collaborate with Dogs Trust. The charity has been at the forefront of animal welfare in the UK for over 120 years and it's a privilege to work such a pawsome organisation. We have our paws crossed that together we can help even more dogs and people to lead a happy and healthy life."  Rikke Rosenlund, co-founder of BorrowMyDoggy

"The main reason people cite when handing in a dog to one of our rehoming centres is a "change of circumstances" which can mean anything from a house move, illness, a new job, a loss of job, a relationship breakdown or even a new baby arriving. For the majority of people, rehoming their dog is something they do as a last resort with a very heavy heart, because there are no other options available to them. We know that BorrowMyDoggy will offer some of these people the option to keep their beloved pet with them - thanks to the support of a local dog lover. We hope that when "borrowers" are in a position to own a dog, their first port of call will be to visit us at their local Dogs Trust rehoming centre." Adrian Burder, Chief Executive of Dogs Trust

If you’re the owner of a Dogs Trust pooch and a BorrowMyDoggy member, then we’d love to hear from you and share your story with our community so please do send us a woof :)

Woofs and tail-wags,

The BorrowMyDoggy Team

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