Take Our Dog Matching Quiz! | Discover Your Pawfect Match
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Take Our Dog Matching Quiz! | Discover Your Pawfect Match

Whether you're looking to borrow a pooch or be the furever home for a doggo, find out which type of dog is your pawfect match.

Fit Freddie

Fit Freddies include breeds like Afghan Hounds, Standard Poodles and Alaskan Malamutes. These dogs need a lot of physical and mental exercise, as well as plenty of grooming time!

Speedy Sophie

Speedy Sophies love to go out and play and run and investigate, but indoors they won't need too much space. They need a bit of grooming as well, so be ready to spend some time or get some help keeping them looking pawsome. Examples include Miniature Poodles and Shetland Sheepdogs.

A Shetland Sheepdog sitting proudly with the wind blowing their hair back.

Dashing Digby

These loveable pooches include breeds like Golden Retrievers and Labradors. They love going on adventures come rain or shine, and are always keen to play fetch. Some of them need a bit of grooming, but usually not too often, unless they've had a swim in somewhere mucky!

Active Alfie

Active Alfies include Beagles, Springer Spaniels and Jack Russell Terriers. These types of pups love an adventure, and as well as loving to run their physical energy off, they also need to have their big brains put into action too. They'll need occasional grooming, but mostly to wash off the mud!

Floofy Flo

These gorgeous pooches, including Samoyeds and Portugese Water Dogs, need a good bit of grooming time! They like to exercise and love playing games, especially ones that keep their big brains active, but enjoy some good snuggles too. Always be consistent and engaging when training these breeds, as they can get easily bored.

A very happy Samoyed photobombing a Christmas tree photo

Wagtastic Willow

Wagtastic Willows love going on adventures, but are pretty good at being chilled and cuddly as well. They are breeds like Cockapoos and Bichon Frisés, and usually need regular grooming to keep their curly coats tidy. Games are super fun for Wagtastic Willows and they love to make you happy!

Pawsome Pablo

Pawsome Pablos including English Bull Terriers and Lurchers, are breeds who love a good run, but then when they get back home, sofa snuggles are their favourite. With strong personalities and high prey drives, training has to be consistent, as Pawsome Pablos can be a bit cheeky if they think they can get away with it.

Cuddly Cassie

Cuddly Cassies are pawsome pooches like Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Staffie Xs or Standard Daschunds. They love a good play, but will also be super keen to get under the covers for a post-walk snooze. They can be a little bit stubborn, but with the right, consistent training can be the most loving canine chums.

A very happy Staffordshire Bull Terrier lying in the long grass on a summers day

Handsome Hank

Handsome Hanks include breeds like Newfoundlands and St Bernards. They like a good walk and some fun playtime (and sometimes a swim too!), but don't tend to need too much exercise. Keeping their coat smooth and shiny takes a bit of work, and they can be a little sloppy with their smooches, but can make fantastic furever friends for the right person.

Gorgeous Gizmo

Gorgeous Gizmos include breeds like Tibetan Terriers and Lhasa Apsos. They enjoy walks and are happy with a couple of shorter ones, but don't forget some fun indoor games (especially if it's raining outside!). These cuddly pooches tend to have strong personalities, are quite chatty and are more than happy to guard the window from passersby.

A cute Lhasa Apso enjoying the afternoon sun

Lazy Larry

Lazy Larrys love a good cuddle and a nap, in the smallest space they can find, even if they can't fit! They are breeds like Greyhounds and Bassett Hounds. They don't need much grooming, and are happy with shorter walks, but still enjoy getting outside, and playtime with toys that keep their brain stimulated.

Chilled Charlie

Chilled Charlies tend to be pretty low maintenance, and enjoy a good snooze after a nice potter or play in the park. Chilled Charlies are older rescue dogs, that would love nothing more than naps in a new furever home. Lots of older dogs are overlooked when people search for a canine companion, but often they are already trained, easy to settle and could be the pawfect pooch for you.

Before taking on a new pooch, always make sure you have the time, understanding and resources to give a dog everything they need for their whole life. Why not borrow a dog first to understand a breed a bit better before committing to your own?

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