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Here at BorrowMyDoggy we know there are amazing dog walkers and kennels that support our beloved pooches every day. But we also know that that’s not what every dog owner, or dog walker or sitter, is looking for. And that’s where BorrowMyDoggy comes in! BorrowMyDoggy connects dog owners with trusted local people, also known as borrowers, who want to help out with their dog not for financial reasons, but simply because they want to enjoy some happy dog time.

Become a BorrowMyDoggy walker

So what is a borrower?

Well first of all, borrowers are the most pawsome people in the world! Borrowers love dogs but just aren’t able to have one of their own at the moment, and this can be for a number of reasons, such as living arrangements, work schedules or affordability. Borrowers can enjoy the company of pooches at home, on walks, for holidays and/or overnight stays, whatever suits both the borrower and owner! They don’t charge for their time, they get to enjoy all the physical and mental wellbeing benefits of canine companionship, without the financial responsibilities that come with having their own pooch.  

So why should you become a borrower?

There are so many wagtastic reasons to be a borrower. So here are just some of the reasons to become a borrower.

Become a BorrowMyDoggy sitter

How it works


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Make connections

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Share the love of dogs

Have fun making new friends. Dogs really benefit from more exercise and social interaction.

Waggy Tails Member Stories

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our borrowers have to say:

“I am a paramedic with the NHS, working long and irregular shifts. Walking with Millie makes me get out, go for long walks, enjoy the outdoors again, with brilliant company. It has improved my mental health and wellbeing, made me more active, and gives me a great opportunity to go and walk with friends again. I've even had her in work to help cheer up staff!” Millie's borrower, Adam from Manchester

“We joined BorrowMyDoggy as unfortunately owning our own dog isn’t really an option at the moment despite the fact we’d all love our own pooch! Sansa the golden Lab came to stay with us for a few days and we absolutely fell in love with her! It was a great way to get my teenager out of the house more and teach him some responsibility on looking after a pet.” Sansa's borrower, Laura from Greater Manchester

“I had a dog for 17 years and she passed away. I am not quite yet ready to jump into fully committing to a dog again. I walk Flossy as much as I want. Sometimes my two daughters come with me. We absolutely love her. She has changed my life. She's given me a purpose and the motivation to go out several times a week.” Flossy's borrower, Christelle and family from Kent

“BorrowMyDoggy has helped immensely - Bobby goes to his “borrower” at least once a week when I go into the office. I can rest easy knowing that he is not only safe but loved and spoiled, as if it was meant to be! He adores the couple he stays with and they have become extended family to him.” Bobby's owner, Emily from East Hertfordshire

How do you become a borrower?

It’s so simple to become a borrower on BorrowMyDoggy.  Firstly sign up for a free basic profile, so you can sniff around for members in your area. Then, when you’re ready, upgrade to a Premium membership, go through our safety checks (we take all our members’ safety very seriously at BorrowMyDoggy!) and once that’s complete you can start chatting to local owners. 

Once you’ve had a good chat, you’re ready for your welcome woof. This is a great opportunity to get to know your potential new pooch pal and their owner, and to see if you are the pawfect match. Meet up as many times as you like before spending time with your new furiend on your own. And remember, if you ever need a helping paw from us, be sure to give our friendly help team a shout here.

Ready to find your pawfect match?

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Enjoy around-the-clock access to veterinary professionals.

Be insured

All BorrowMyDoggy dogs are covered by insurance*

Discover the benefits of becoming of a member or download the BorrowMyDoggy app and find and your pawfect match on the move. Subscriptions include insurance for the borrowed dog & 24/7 Vet Line access.

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Katherine and Peter, George's owners

"There's always someone local who can look after our dog, George. He's with them one-on-one and able to build a relationship."

Katherine and Peter, George's owners

Mandy, Byron's borrower

"I love walking and now having Byron in my life I do lengthy walks and have a wonderful time with him."

Mandy, Byron's borrower

The Daily Telegraph
"Borrowing a dog is a fantastic idea."
The Sunday Times
"Owners can save on the astronomical costs of kennels and walkers."
The Huffington Post
"Through BorrowMyDoggy I have met and become friends with my neighbours."