The Dog that started it all….
Press and news15 January 2013The Dog that started it all….

The Dog that started it all….

Once upon a time, there was a gorgeous chocolate labrador called Aston (like the car). She lived in a lovely street with trees, near a park and had a very happy time with her owner. One day, her owner asked a dog-loving neighbour and acquaintance to join them for a walk. They had a lovely time - doggy, owner & neighbour were very happy.

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In July 2012, her owner had a very special day out to Silverstone Classic Formula 1 planned, but that’s no place for a doggy! So he asked the neighbour if she would mind looking after Aston for the day. Well, who could resist such an opportunity?!

This is the first day that Aston got borrowed! She went to the park, and came along to a friend’s garden party, chilled out at home, and went for another walk…

Whilst in the park, the borrower thought “there should be a site where dog owners can have their dogs taken care off by people who absolutely adore dogs and miss having a doggy in their life… All owners need to be away from their puppies to time (due to work, family, travel and… F1).

There is no need for doggy to be home alone, pay for a dog walker on a lovely Sunday or a kennel when there are lots of people who adore dogs but unfortunately can’t have them (due to work, travel etc.), who would love to take care of doggy for free - and would play with them lots - like me :)

On top this would allow owners and doggies to get to know more people locally and spread lots of happiness.”

So, a little while later, having joined up with some like-minded humans, BorrowMyDoggy was born! And is growing and learning more every day, like a good puppy should.

Aston is with us here today, lying on the floor and having her tummy rubbed by one of the co-founders! She was borrowed last weekend, and came over last night for a sleepover too.

We will always be hugely grateful to Aston and her owner for being a wonderful doggy and human, and for spreading pawprints of happiness to the BorrowMyDoggy founders, and subsequently to you, our wonderful members!!!

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