Waggy Tales - Owner Li Faye, Poppy and Tigger
Press and news5 March 2014Waggy Tales - Owner Li Faye, Poppy and Tigger

Waggy Tales - Owner Li Faye, Poppy and Tigger

Here’s a lovely story from owner Li Faye and her two gorgeous pooches Poppy and Tigger. Li Faye was looking for someone to take care of her two pooches for a month whilst she was away on her honeymoon. She said she was ‘spoilt for choice when looking for new friends for Poppy and Tigger,’ and found some pawsome new friends for them, high paws!

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High paws! Do tell us about your experience with BorrowMyDoggy...

I’ve had a very good experience with BorrowMyDoggy. Initially, I signed up to find someone to help with my dogs when I was on holiday. However, now I’m looking to find even more borrower friends for Poppy and Tigger for regular walks. There are so many people who can help and I have so much choice. It’s also saved me a lot of money by not having to use boarding kennels.

Why did you sign up to BorrowMyDoggy?

My husband and I travel a lot and when we had just one dog it was pretty easy for us to find friends to take care of him, then when we adopted a second dog it became more difficult to find someone who was able to take them both. I read about BorrowMyDoggy in the London Evening Standard just before Christmas and the timing was perfect as I was looking for someone to look after Poppy and Tigger when we went away for our wedding in January so I signed up after reading more about it online.

Also, I remember a time before I had dogs and how much I wanted one, so BorrowMyDoggy gave me an opportunity to give back something to the borrowers in the community.

Tell us about how you found local friends for your doggy…

There are literally hundreds of borrowers in my area, so I was spoilt for choice when looking for new friends for Poppy and Tigger. I searched through the profiles of the borrowers who added the dogs to their favourites and shortlisted the ones who I thought were the best fit for me and my doggies. From there, I contacted each one with the dates that I needed extra help with to see if they would be able and interested to help out. Once I’d found some borrowers I really liked, we met up for our ‘Welcome Woof’ at our local park to see how we all got on. My husband and I were going away for 4 weeks and, following lots of messaging and meetings, we were able to find borrowers to look after Poppy and Tigger for the whole month, which was amazing.

How were your doggies’ holiday?

Tigger and Poppy had a wonderful holiday! Their new friends picked them up with everything they needed - all their toys, beds and food - and we went away worry free. It was great because the borrowers sent us regular updates and photos so we knew how the dogs were doing. The borrowers absolutely loved having them too. As soon as we picked Poppy and Tigger up, they were asking when they could see them again!

What has been the biggest benefit of joining the BorrowMyDoggy community?

For me, the biggest benefit of joining BorrowMyDoggy has been meeting really lovely people who I can trust to look after and love my dogs as much as I do. It’s been so nice to see Poppy and Tigger get so much extra love and attention and they love it too.

What one word do you associate with BorrowMyDoggy?


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