Waggy Tales - Owner Julia, Taj & Floyd, London
Press and news12 February 2014Waggy Tales - Owner Julia, Taj & Floyd, London

Waggy Tales - Owner Julia, Taj & Floyd, London

This week we’d like to share with you the lovely story of Julia and her two beloved greyhounds, Taj and Floyd. Julia has managed to find a regular arrangement with a local couple, and is enjoying having some free-time whilst making two dog-lovers very happy.

Before I signed up to BorrowMyDoggy, I had no idea how popular Whippets were!

On BorrowMyDoggy I met Robert and his partner Sara, who were looking to borrow a dog during the day. As Roberts working schedule is very flexible, it suits me perfectly as I need a little help on weekdays in particular.

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It was really important for me to get to know Robert and Sarah well before leaving them in charge of my whippets, Taj and Floyd. We met up three times, chatted lots and really got to know each other so we all felt completely happy with the match. On the fourth meeting, we went to the park and I let them out alone with the dogs whilst I waited in the park cafe. I also visited their home to make sure all of us, including Taj and Floyd, were comfortable with the doggies being in their flat.

We’ve known each other for about 6 weeks now and Robert and Sara take Taj and Floyd about two times a week. Our arrangement is quite flexible and depends on both of our needs and schedules as well as when Taj and Floyd need looking after. Everything is going really great, you just know when it’s right.

They tend to pick up the dogs from my office at noon, take them for a walk and then return them to my flat around tea time. So far they’ve taken the boys about 8 times on their own. Prior to meeting Robert, we met with a few other potential local borrowers, but Taj and Floyd have really bonded with Robert and Sara and even pine after them when they leave!

The arrangement has worked out really well as it has given my boys a bit of variety in life and some new friends. It has freed up my time too, so I can enjoy evenings out without having to rush home early or feel guilty about leaving the boys at home alone. Not only this, but it has allowed Robert and Sara to have some doggy time of their own which they weren’t able to have before and so dearly missed.

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