Waggy Tales - Owner Birte and Macey, London
Press and news2 September 2014Waggy Tales - Owner Birte and Macey, London

Waggy Tales - Owner Birte and Macey, London

Owner Birte has been overjoyed to watch the positive impact BorrowMyDoggy has had on her pooch. Macey the Schnauzer is now a much happier, more trusting and outgoing dog thanks to all her new borrower friends. Here is their pawsome Waggy Tale :)

How is Macey getting on with her new pals?

Macey absolutely loves it. She can’t wait to go out with her new friends and I just think it’s great. I am so happy to see how happy she is. Since signing up to BorrowMyDoggy, Macey is more outgoing, more trusting and she thinks the whole world is full of fun. She gets to meet lots of people and everyone has been creative in different ways with her, introducing her to lots of new games. The more people you meet, the more different games there are! I’m very happy to share my dog with other people and in return I have a happier dog.

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How did you hear about BorrowMyDoggy?

A couple of years ago, when there was a big variation in my live, I thought if I wasn’t going to run my company, what would I do. I was thinking about starting a doggy club where people made friends through their dogs then I researched it online and found BorrowMyDoggy. I’m just so pleased that it exists and is working so well.

How was your ‘Welcome Woof’ ?

I’m really glad when people are proactive and message me. It’s not just about when I need a helping hand, it’s when they would like to have dog time. After we’ve messaged through the site, I organise to meet up with them. Normally we meet in the park and go for a walk. I see how she behaves and show the borrowers how I’ve trained her and when I use rewards. Everyone I’ve met through BorrowMyDoggy has been absolutely lovely.

High paws! Tell us a little more about your BorrowMyDoggy experience...

What’s so nice is that it’s not about money, it’s about making other people and dogs happy. It’s good for Macey and her borrowers are happy so everybody gains.

Macey’s borrowers are very kind and always offer to pick her up and drop her off. I recently went on holiday so Macey stayed with a lovely couple for a week. She also went to work with another borrower and she was a big star! Macey has about ten new borrower friends locally. She is like the most popular girl in the playground!

It’s a lot like love. You don’t get poorer as you get so much back in return. BorrowMyDoggy is just a story of happiness. It’s such a good idea.

What's the one thing you would tell other potential owners about BorrowMyDoggy?

Owners should be aware of the huge benefits that BorrowMyDoggy can bring to their dog. The positive psychological impact on the dog is the biggest thing that owners won’t realise until they do it. You will have a dog that has a more stable personality. Macey is more gregarious and confident through meeting so many new people. A one to one relationship with your dog is great but if you’re dog is not totally dependent on your love and realises the world is full of all sorts of beautiful people then that’s even better. If there is a change in your personal circumstances, your dog will adapt better as it is used to seeing life differently. I said to a very good friend recently, nobody has ever told my dog that there is one special person in her life. There should be loads of special people and that’s what BorrowMyDoggy does.

What phrase do you associate with BorrowMyDoggy?

The best thing since sliced bread! It does so many different things for so many different dogs and people. There is no one answer to it as it’s so diverse. The benefits are so many and so different. I see no drawbacks to it, only advantages.

For people too, you get to make new friends. I have a birthday party coming up and I’m inviting my old friends as well as the new friends who I’ve met through BorrowMyDoggy.

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