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Pet Appreciation Week

There really is no truer love than the love between a pet and its owner. And with Pet Appreciation Week taking place this week (6th – 12th June), there really is no better time to show your appreciation for your pet!

So, armed with lots of love, affection and, most importantly, treats, here’s some ideas to help make this week extra special for you and your furry best friend.

1. Explore new walks and smells

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Every walk is an adventure for your pup; the new smells, sights and furry friends they meet along the way, but if the same walk is giving you Groundhog Day, venture out to a nearby park or beach for a welcome change of scenery.

Your pup will love exploring new surroundings, running off steam and even taking a paddle in the sea or puddles - if that’s their thing! There are hundreds of places to go for dogs walks across the country, so here are a few walks to check out.

2. A pampered pet is a happy pet

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A day-spa treat could be just the ticket for your four-legged friend. Think: a bubbly bath, doggy massage, blowdry and a delicious treat to finish off their experience. You might want to set-up a spa at home or book your dog into your nearest pooch parlor. Your dog will love the extra care and attention.

There are things you can do at home with your pooch, why not try a paw-dicure!

3. Treats, treats and more treats (healthy ones, that is!)

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Most dogs love their food and especially love treats even more! If you’d like to give your dog something different from their usual shop-bought chews, whipping up some pupcakes at home can be a great alternative. Just make sure you’re following dog-friendly recipes.

Have a pawsome week! And give your pooch, borrowed or owned, a big hug from us!

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