Walk Your Dog Month UK | Challenge 2023
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Walk Your Dog Month UK | Challenge 2023

Following the excitement of the festive season and as the host of Blue Monday, January often gets a ruff rep. But it’s National Walk Your Dog month so we think our four-legged furiends would agree it’s a pretty pawsome month to kick start the year!

We all know that spending time outdoors with our canine companions has pawsitive benefits for both our mental and physical health, so why not beat the January Blues and set yourself your own personal ‘walking with your dog’ challenge this month, here are some ideas if you need a helping paw to get started.


Daily steps challenge

If you wear a fitness tracker or have a step counter on your phone you can set a daily target number and try to reach or exceed this number each day throughout January. If your pawsome pal has a pet tracker why not set them their very own step challenge too (remember you’re competing with yourself and not your four-legged furiend though!)

Margo, the Border Terrier

Daily miles/km challenge

Another challenge that’s wagtastic for those that have a fitness tracker or app, instead of counting steps, you can try measuring distance. Perhaps you could even try increasing the distance as the weeks go on.

Daily minutes/hours challenge

If you don’t have a fitness tracker or app and can’t track your steps or distance you don’t have to miss out! Why not give yourself a set amount of time to walk or exercise outdoors? Try to go a little bit further every day, and before you know it you’ll be as fit as your floof.

I joined BorrowMyDoggy because I love dogs but I can't have my own as we have a cat. It's been really great getting out every day and getting more exercise and enjoying being with dogs.

Borrower Janet, from London

Whether you’re measuring steps, distance or time you don’t need to stick to the same amount each day, you can vary it depending on your schedule, for example, you might have much more time on the weekend to enjoy a good yomp but be limited to an hour’s lunch break during the week. So think about your schedule and give yourself a reasonable goal - and don’t forget about your doggy too, it has to be a realistic target for both of you.

Susan, the Cross Breed

Route challenge

How many different walks can you and your pooch enjoy throughout January, can you walk a different route every day? Or challenge yourself to sniff out at least one new location every week.

Take part in RED January

Each year thousands of people take part in RED January to help beat the blues. If your BFF isn’t enough motivation alone, raising money for charity is a great motivator to get you moving daily. When you join RED January you set your own pawsonal movement goals and fundraising targets so whether you’re a keen hiker or are just starting out everyone can get involved.

REDer doggy member

I walk my parents’ dog once a week, I started it during RED January 2022, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. It gives me a positive goal and he’s great company!

REDer, Sarah

My dog motivates me to move on those tough days.

REDer, Alison

Without a dog to walk, there are days when I just wouldn't leave the house. He's the lead explorer of our local area, and he makes me embrace the rain, snow and gales, all with a smile on his face from the first paw print to the last.

REDer, Ben

Research shows that inactivity increases in the winter, this is linked to reports of lower mood and energy levels. That's why we're supaw proud to be teaming up with RED January, a nationwide public health movement that's motivating us all to move every day in January, to support our mental well-being. It’s free to join, you can sign up here: join.redjanuary.com/borrowmydoggy

Whichever challenge you choose to em-bark on with your best puppy pal, we’ve put together a handy daily tracker to record your progress each day.

We all know that sharing on social media is another great way to hold yourself accountable so we’d love to see how you’re getting on, tag us in your photos and videos on social media.

Astra, the Cavapoo

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