Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month
Press and news8 December 2022Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month

Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month

May is Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month in the UK and it reminds us all to appreciate the work of veterinary nursing professionals.  The role of a veterinary nurse can be very demanding and varied. As well as supporting vets, vet nurses run their own clinics, manage reception, perform procedures and support owners, all while caring for in-patients too.

Let’s explore more about the role of veterinary nurses in practice in the UK.

Supporting vets

Sometimes people think this is all that vet nurses do. But this is just one part of this highly variable job. Whether it’s holding a patient comfortably for a procedure, monitoring anaesthetic or being on standby for emergencies, vet nurses support vets to provide the best care for our loved pets.

Running Clinics

Vet nurse clinics can advise and support on lots of issues, including weight loss, preventative healthcare and basic behaviour advice. These clinics can be a great way to get useful information, to support and improve your pet’s health.

Performing Procedures

As well as preparing animals for operations, veterinary nurses can also perform some small surgical procedures. Nurses also carry out diagnostic testing like x-rays, provide care to patients in hospitals and administer medications.

Supporting Owners

Whether over the phone or in-person vet nurses give trusted advice and provide invaluable support for pet owners. They are also excellent at being a shoulder to cry on in the tougher times.


A lot of the administrative roles in practices can be the responsibility of veterinary nurses. Anything from helping with insurance claims to organising pet care plans, to running the practice Facebook and assisting with reception duties.

Practice Management

Although some practices have practice managers, even with those fantastic people, vet nurses will still manage a lot of the running of a practice on a day-to-day basis.  Long lists of operations and lots of inpatients would be impossible to manage, without the organisational skills of pawsome veterinary nurses.

So this Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month show some appreciation for your veterinary nurses. These superstars often work long hours, including weekends and nights, working hard to support you and your pet. Hey vet nurses, you’re pawsome!

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