Waggy Tales - Owner Wendy and Alfie, London
Press and news27 March 2014Waggy Tales - Owner Wendy and Alfie, London

Waggy Tales - Owner Wendy and Alfie, London

Wendy has always loved dogs and she was so happy when she got Alfie, a gorgeous Miniature Schnauzer. She was overwhelmed with the response she got from borrowers favouriting Alfie, and couldn’t wait to find him some new friends! Alfie’s borrowerer Lara takes care of him giving Wendy a break and giving Alfie even more fun, so it really is a win-win (or a woof-soot) situation for everyone involved :)

High paws! Do tell us about your experience with BorrowMyDoggy...

My dog, Alfie, got such a great response when I signed him up to BorrowMyDoggy! So many borrowers added his profile to their favourites straight away. I think it helps that he is the perfect sized city dog. I wasn’t looking for regular care for Alfie, more someone to look after him on an ad hoc basis. It’s a great way for him to have some fun with other people, whilst allowing me a break now and then. It’s really great for me, him and the borrowers!

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Why did you sign up to BorrowMyDoggy?

I first read about BorrowMyDoggy online, then, when one of my clients mentioned it to me, I had a look into it properly! I’m a pilates teacher and I own my own studio, so Alfie doesn’t get left on his own too often. I know, however, how much joy he brings to other people and how much fun he has when he’s with people. Before I had Alfie, when I worked a regular 9-5 job, I would have loved some dog-time so I signed up and couldn’t wait to see what response I would get.

How did you go about finding local friends for Alfie…

As I see it, the more the merrier, so I was looking ideally for a couple to take care of Alfie as he loves as much attention as he can get. Browsing through the profiles of borrowers who had added Alfie to their favourites, I found a nearby couple who lived really close so I messaged them. They got straight back to me and we messaged back and forth before exchanging phone numbers to chat some more.

Tell us about your Welcome Woof?

Our first ‘Welcome Woof’ was fantastic. I met Lara and Nick locally, then (thanks to the terrible rain) we abandoned the big walk we had planned and went back to mine to chat and give them a chance to meet and play with Alfie. We all got on really well. It was important to me that I knew where Alfie was going to be staying, so the next time we met, I went to theirs to check everything out.

How is Alfie getting on with his new friends?

Lara and Nick have already looked after Alfie once and they’re having him again next weekend. It works brilliantly for all of us, especially Alfie who gets lots of love and attention. They are really lovely and sent me picture and text updates the whole time they had Alfie which really put my mind at ease. I can tell that Alfie really enjoys himself when he’s with them and they love it too.

What has been the biggest benefit of joining the BorrowMyDoggy community?

Although I don’t leave Alfie on his own very often, sometimes I feel guilty when I do as I know he would be having so much more fun if he were hanging out with people. Finding Lara and Nick through BorrowMyDoggy has made me feel so much better. He absolutely loves it and it’s so great to be able to make someone else happy too.

What one word do you associate with BorrowMyDoggy?


You can also read Wendy's borrower Lara's Waggy Tale.

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