Channel 4 News and BorrowMyDoggy
Press and news28 November 2014Channel 4 News and BorrowMyDoggy

Channel 4 News and BorrowMyDoggy

Oh my - Channel 4 News featured BorrowMyDoggy in a pawsome clip on the sharing economy, high paws!

Doggy Member and gorgeous Cocker Spaniel, Leo, was the star of the segment, along with his wagulous owner, Liz. She signed Leo up to share his puppy love - “Leo’s got quite a few borrowers, it’s great”

His borrower, Ella said on the benefits of spending time with Leo “I get a lot of affection, I get the company and it’s something that’s really missing in my life.”

Our founder Rikke spoke on the show, emphasising “what’s really important is setting up a community that makes a difference for the lives of dogs and people.” So it really is a win-win (or a woof-woof) situation :)

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We’d like to say an absowoofly huge thanks and high paws to everyone at Channel 4 News.

Best woofs,

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