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Find a local dog walker who can take your pup out for the day. Every BorrowMyDoggy dog walker is a true dog lover and a large number have previously owned a dog themselves but for whatever reason can’t have one of their own. If you have a busy week ahead and are thinking “if only there was someone to walk my dog” - BorrowMyDoggy can help.

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We know that given the choice you’d want to spend every waking moment with your pooch but sometimes that isn’t possible. Instead of rushing home or leaving your pup alone, why not find a reliable dog walker nearby who can take your furry friend out for playtime?

Our borrowers don’t get paid for dog walking, they do it because they simply love dogs. With thousands of loving dog walkers ready to keep your furry friend company, your pooch will always receive the highest level of care as well as the regular exercise and attention they crave.

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Have fun making new friends. Dogs really benefit from more exercise and social interaction.

Whether you are someone interested in Pug walking or French Bulldog walking or you are an owner looking for someone to walk your dog, BorrowMyDoggy can help.

Why BorrowMyDoggy?

Sometimes dogs have to spend some time alone, we completely understand, life can be busy but did you know there are thousands of people out there that would love to spend some time with your dog just for the love of dogs?

At BorrowMyDoggy we are more than just a typical dog walking service. We connect dog owners with trusted local dog lovers who would love to look after their dog. Unlike some traditional dog walking services, BorrowMyDoggy allows dogs and their owners to match one on one with walkers - so your pup will get all of the attention and walkies they deserve.

Our aim is to help dog owners when they need it, give dogs more exercise and playtime and to allow people without a dog to spend quality time with one. We call it a win-win (or a woof-­woof) situation for everyone involved.

We would encourage you to get to know your potential borrower as much as possible during your Welcome Woof to ensure they are a pawsome match.

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How does BorrowMyDoggy differ from traditional dog walking?

Search from thousands of potential dog walkers in your local area and potentially match with a new friend for you and more importantly your pooch!

Testimonials from BorrowMyDoggy Owners

Posey’s owner Caroline, Highbury and Islington: “BorrowMyDoggy is like hiring a babysitter. Our borrowers help because they love dogs, not because it's their job.”

Cherry’s owner Liz, Fulham: “BorrowMyDoggy really saved us, and I’m so grateful. I couldn’t afford professional dog care - it would have cost me more than I’m paying for my kids to go to university.”

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Find dog walkers that not only are nearby, but dog walkers that truly love dogs and enjoy spending quality time with them. Discover the benefits of becoming a member today, download the BorrowMyDoggy dog walking app and find a dog walker on the move. Subscriptions include insurance for your dog & 24/7 Vet Line access. If you have any questions on our membership, feel free to Contact Us!

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Katherine and Peter, George's owners

"There's always someone local who can look after our dog, George. He's with them one-on-one and able to build a relationship."

Katherine and Peter, George's owners

Mandy, Byron's borrower

"I love walking and now having Byron in my life I do lengthy walks and have a wonderful time with him."

Mandy, Byron's borrower

The Daily Telegraph
"Borrowing a dog is a fantastic idea."
The Sunday Times
"Owners can save on the astronomical costs of kennels and walkers."
The Huffington Post
"Through BorrowMyDoggy I have met and become friends with my neighbours."