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Whether you are off on holiday for a few days or just need a little help with pup care for an evening, BorrowMyDoggy has thousands of potential sitters just waiting to take care of your pooch. Each Premium dog sitter is verified by BorrowMyDoggy so you can trust that your pup is being looked after by a reliable dog lover.

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We know that in an ideal world you’d be able to spend all day every day with your four legged friend, but sometimes a trip is planned that doesn’t include your furbaby. If you’ve recently searched for local dog sitting services you will know that there are many potential options. But not all dog sitters are created equal. With BorrowMyDoggy, owners can relax knowing their dog is enjoying extra attention and playtime with someone that is spending time with them out of love not for money.

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We would encourage you to get to know your potential borrower as much as possible during your Welcome Woof to ensure they are a pawsome match.

Why BorrowMyDoggy?

There is no limit on how much love you could give your four legged friend so why should that change just because you’re going on holiday.

BorrowMyDoggy offers dog owners a local and personalised way to ensure their dog has great quality of life. Dogs enjoy a happier life by receiving more one to one attention, love and exercise, the borrower is happy to spend time with a dog and the owner might even make a new pawsome friend!

BorrowMyDoggy is more affordable than traditional dog walking or kennels. Our borrowers help walk local dogs because they love of dogs, not to get paid. We know how important it is for your pooch to get one on one attention - so our matches are made on an individual basis.

You can’t put a price on knowing that your four legged friend is in caring hands, and being looked after by someone that truly loves dogs. Whether you are on holiday, have a weekend away planned or get stuck at the office, you can trust that someone is taking care of your pup and ensuring they get plenty of playtime and walkies.

Whether you are looking for a short term live in dog sitter to come and dog sit from your home or some overnight dog sitting from their home, there are plenty of dog lovers to browse.

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Testimonials from existing owners

“It can be hard to know where to look to find a dog sitter and dog sitting prices can be high, but we now know there’s always someone there who can look after George and they’re local to us. He’s with them one on one and able to build a relationship with someone who’s specifically interested in him.” - Katherine and Peter, George’s owners

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Find dog sitters that not only are nearby, but dog sitters that truly love dogs and enjoy spending quality time with them. Discover the benefits of becoming a member today, download the BorrowMyDoggy dog sitting app and find and book a dog sitter on the move.

We have been told by our members that not only are our sitters total furry dog mothers, but BorrowMyDoggy is a more affordable option than traditional doggy daycare and dog walkers. Especially as our annual membership includes several beneficial services, including our 24/7 Vet Line, third party liability insurance protection and medical cover, which covers the owner and subscribed borrowers when taking care of a subscribed BorrowMyDoggy dog. Have questions about our membership? Drop us a line!

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Katherine and Peter, George's owners

"There's always someone local who can look after our dog, George. He's with them one-on-one and able to build a relationship."

Katherine and Peter, George's owners

Mandy, Byron's borrower

"I love walking and now having Byron in my life I do lengthy walks and have a wonderful time with him."

Mandy, Byron's borrower

The Daily Telegraph
"Borrowing a dog is a fantastic idea."
The Sunday Times
"Owners can save on the astronomical costs of kennels and walkers."
The Huffington Post
"Through BorrowMyDoggy I have met and become friends with my neighbours."