The Huffington Post feature BorrowMyDoggy
Press and news3 July 2014The Huffington Post feature BorrowMyDoggy

The Huffington Post feature BorrowMyDoggy

We couldn’t believe it when we saw that The Huffington Post had written an absowoofly wagulous article on BorrowMyDoggy! Our reaction looked a little something like this...

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The Huffington Post mentioned how BorrowMyDoggy helps people going through life changing situations; providing owners with peace of mind that their pooch is being well taken care of, and borrowers with happy dog time. As the author wrote, it’s “like being an aunt or uncle.”

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What’s more, with leading evidence that dogs help with depression, stress and anxiety, “BorrowMyDoggy seems to offer the best kind of therapy.”

Thanks so much to the pawsome pack at The Huffington Post for the lovely article :)

Best woofs,

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