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National BFF Day

Did you know there’s a special day to celebrate your Best Friend Forever? National BFF day is a day to tell your BFF just how much you appreciate them. Here at BorrowMyDoggy, we know your dog is your best friend so why not celebrate today with your dog?

Did you know? 59% of dog owners surveyed in the UK said that their dog was their best friend!

Panting Labrador laying in the grass with a football

How to spend the day with your best friend:

  1. Take them for a walk in your favourite spot. Let them swim if they feel like it and it's safe to do so, get mucky if they have the urge and sniff all of the smells!
  2. Bake them a treat. We have lots of recipaws to suit your dog’s tastes here.
  3. Plan a doggy date with your dog's other best friend.
  4. Cuddle up for a cosy night in, just the two of you. We have the perfect night planned out for you here.
Two sausage dogs snuggling together laying down

Did you know? Dogs are social creatures so it is likely that they have best friends! It is thought that in the wild, they may have preferred playmates or have a close bond with a second dog.

BorrowMyDoggy owner Susanna met another owner through the site:

“Our dog Molly met Matty through BorrowMyDoggy. Because we are having lots of building work done at home we can’t take Molly out as much as we would like so we have teamed up with some lovely people who are going to take Molly and Matty our together for nice walks and a lady who is training to be a dog trainer who has given us some fantastic advice on training. Molly is enjoying the fuss from other doggy loving people and being with her best friend Matty for some of those walks.”
A black labradoodle soaking wet standing in a lake

If you are missing having a dog in your life or you have moved away from your doggy BFF, then why not borrow one! BorrowMyDoggy has thousands of dogs looking for care and friendship and you may just find your perfect match! Sign up for free to view your local dogs before choosing a premium membership.

BorrowMyDoggy owner Rosanna said of her borrower:

“Groot has made best friends with his borrower, he cries with excitement when they take him for walks and day care which makes me so happy. He absolutely adores his time with his lovely families.”

How will you be spending National Best Friends Day? Share your photos with us on our Facebook page or Instagram.

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