Waggy Tales - Owner Harry and Lampea, London
Press and news20 March 2014Waggy Tales - Owner Harry and Lampea, London

Waggy Tales - Owner Harry and Lampea, London

Today we’d like to share with you the story of owner Harry, and his family’s gorgeous pooch Lampea. Harry’s parents were looking for someone to help take care of Lampea when they went on holiday, and they found a lovely borrower who lived close (and right by the park!) who could help out :) Lampea has now made new friends through BorrowMyDoggy and his owners can go away with peace of mind that he’s being very well taken care of.

What has been the biggest benefit of joining the BorrowMyDoggy community?

Being able to bring joy to other people, the borrowers. It’s worked out perfectly for my parents too as they’re able to go on holiday safe in the knowledge that our dog, Lampea is having a great time back home. He loves meeting new people so it’s been excellent for him. Everybody benefits!

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Why did you sign up to BorrowMyDoggy?

My parents quite urgently needed someone to look after Lampea, when they went away on holiday. They were previously using a pet sitting service that was about a 40 minute drive away and costing them hundreds of pounds, so when we found out about BorrowMyDoggy it seemed too good to be true! BorrowMyDoggy was a great place for my parents to find someone local and trustworthy to look after Lampea when they go on holiday and it gives them peace of mind that he is getting the best care possible.

How did you go about finding local friends for Lampea…

As my parents needed to find someone by the weekend, we kept our search area pretty broad, but specifically sought out borrowers who had experience with larger dogs (as Lampea is a Lurcher) and had availability over a longer period of time.

We sent messages to around ten borrowers on the Monday that we signed up. We contacted both verified and unverified members based not only on their location and availability, but also on what they said about themselves in their profile and their experience with dogs. By Tuesday we had our first meet and greet with the borrower (or ‘Welcome Woof’) set up!

Tell us about your 'Welcome Woof'?

Our ‘Welcome Woof’ with Claire was great. We met with her locally and took Lampea for a joint walk. My parents also went to see Claire’s house so they knew where Lampea would be staying, which was great as it turned out that she lived right beside the park.

It went really well and we were so thrilled that we found someone so quickly. We dropped Lampea off on Saturday with all of his things and some instructions for Claire and my parents went on holiday worry-free!

How is Lampea getting on with his new friends?

Lampea loves his new friends! Claire and his other new borrower friend, Louise, always send us photo updates when they take care of him so we can see how much fun he’s having. The great thing is he is always happy!

High paws! Do tell us a little more about your experience with BorrowMyDoggy...

Looking back, it seems ridiculous that we were paying so much for pet sitters when there are literally hundreds of people within a mile of us who would love to look after a dog for free. As far as we see it, the borrowers are doing us a massive favour.

What one word do you associate with BorrowMyDoggy?


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