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Just for fun15 November 2021

8 winter walks across the UK

There are so many incredible walks across the UK, but this time we want to highlight just a few scenic walks that are particularly beautiful in winter - enjoy!Read more
Just for fun12 August 2021

Dog World Record holders

It's not just us humans that hold world records! There are lots of dogs out there wearing the crown for some amazing sporting records, like highest jump and deepest dive!Read more
Just for fun16 June 2021

10 great gift ideas for all types of dog dads

Whether its their birthday or you're celebrating Father's Day here are 10 great gift ideas for all types of dog dads!Read more
Just for fun7 June 2021

Royal dogs | Dogs loved by Kings and Queens

To mark the Queen's birthday we are looking back on the famous dogs of Kings and Queens from across the globe.Read more
Just for fun6 June 2021

Happy Pet Appreciation Week!

Here are 3 sure ways to make your pooch feel extra special during Pet Appreciation Week, the 6th to 12th June!Read more
Just for fun25 April 2021

Quiz | Which type of Bulldog is your pawfect match

Did you know Bulldogs come in all different shapes and sizes? Ever wondered which would be the perfect match for you? Take our pawsome quiz and find out!Read more
Just for fun28 March 2021

Walk in the Park day!

The idea of ‘Take a Walk in the Park Day’, is to get out, enjoy a local park or trail and embrace your environment. Here's how you can take part!Read more
Just for fun20 March 2021

Happy International Happiness Day!

Did you know dogs and humans get a mutual benefit from spending time with each other? Keep reading to find out how our moods can be boosted by spending time togetherRead more
Just for fun14 March 2021

Happy Mother's Day dog mums

To celebrate Mother’s day and the wonderful owners at BorrowMyDoggy, we asked the BorrowMyDoggy dog mum's what the bond between them and their dog means to them.Read more
Just for fun1 March 2021

6 Welsh dog breeds | Happy St David's Day!

In celebration of St David’s day, we are taking a look at some wonderful Welsh dog breeds. Did you know these 6 breeds originated in Wales?!Read more
Just for fun26 April 2020

Quiz | Do you know your dog breeds?

How well do you know dog breeds? Most people can't tell these breeds apart, can you? Take the quiz and put that dog knowledge to the ultimate test.Read more
Just for fun28 January 2020

Quiz | Perfect holiday and perfect dog

We have a pawsome quiz for you to try! Answer the questions and we will tell you what dog breed you should borrow for your next holidayRead more
Just for fun17 December 2019

Winter adventures you can have with a dog

The winter weather doesn't mean you and your dog need to stop having fun... Take a look at the fun activities you can get up to hereRead more
Just for fun1 November 2019

#PickOfThePack - Heather and Teddy

We’re following borrower Heather and her summers day with Teddy, the Cavapoo. Take a look below to see what Teddy thought of the day!Read more
Just for fun24 September 2019

Free tickets to the Great Dog Walk

We have some wagtastic news…Our friends at the Great Dog Walk have given us 100 tickets for our members to claim for free - that’s right for free! Get yours here!Read more
Just for fun16 September 2019

Quiz | Activities and the perfect dog for you

It’s time for another quiz! Do you wonder what dog breed you should borrow? Here's a fun way to find out! Take the quiz here.Read more
Just for fun4 August 2019

A short film about BorrowMyDoggy

When a few graduates got in touch letting us know they’d be creating a short film about dogs and BorrowMyDoggy we couldn’t wait to share their pawsome work with our community.Read more
Just for fun28 July 2019

Top 10 items your dog needs this summer

We did some digging to find some cool items that will help keep our canine companions cool in the warm weather. Take a look to see what you should be adding to your basket…Read more
Just for fun16 July 2019

Quiz | Favourite foods and rare dog breeds

It’s time for another pawsome dog quiz, using the quiz below choose your favourite foods and we’ll tell you what rare dog breed is your spirit animal!Read more
Just for fun19 June 2019

The day of #BorrowMyDoggyHQ dog, Melvin

We always love sharing with our community, especially when a cute dog is involved, so we thought we’d show you the day in the life of a borrowed dog here at BorrowMyDoggy HQ.Read more
Just for fun18 June 2019

Dollie's comic | A comic from a BorrowMyDoggy member

A couple of months ago a BorrowMyDoggy member shared an amazing comic about her borrowed dog, Dollie, on Twitter and it was too good not to share with more of our community.Read more
Just for fun17 June 2019

Top 5 reasons why you can’t miss the best dog’s day out, ever!

Need a fun day out for you and your pooch? Look no further! Take a look at top 5 reason you should attend Dog Fest this year, plus a special promo code for our members.Read more
Just for fun2 June 2019

Quiz - Spend a day as a dog and we'll tell you what breed of dog you are

Have you ever thought about how you’d spend your day if you were a dog for 24 hours? Use the fun quiz below to choose what you would do and we’ll tell you what breed of dog is your soul animal!Read more
Just for fun23 May 2019

Beautiful crossbreeds you may not have heard of

There are plenty of gorgeous dog breeds that originate from all around the world. In fact, there are so many breeds that it's often hard to choose which one is the best for you. Are you ready to discover what are some of the cutest crossbreeds out there? Let's start!Read more
Just for fun12 May 2019

The search for ‘Pet Hero of the Year’

Our pawsome pals at the Pet Health Club are on the lookout for Britain’s most heroic pets. Could your dog, borrowed or owned, be the winner?Read more
Just for fun30 April 2019

10 fun sports you can do with your dog

Show appreciation for your four-legged friend by trying some of these fun and interesting exercises to keep them healthy and active. Read on to find out more!Read more
Just for fun17 April 2019

Pawsome prizes! A Dog's Journey giveaway

We’ve teamed up with movie A Dog’s Journey to offer some of our members some pawsome prizes! Take a look at how to enter hereRead more
Just for fun16 April 2019

10 fun things to do with your dog this Easter

What better way to spend your Easter weekend than with your best furry friend! Take a look at the fun things you can do with them belowRead more
Just for fun29 March 2019

Happy Mother's Day from BorrowMyDoggy!

Mums are super special - whether they’re two legged or four. To help celebrate their special day here are 8 adorable yet very relatable mummy and puppy photos.Read more
Just for fun21 March 2019

How much do you know about the dogs of the UK

What better way to learn more about Great British dog breeds than taking our fun quiz! So get those thinking caps on and scroll down to give our quiz a go.Read more
Just for fun8 March 2019

#PickOfThePack Emma and Floyd

It’s time for another pawsome #PickOfThePack! Today we’ve got a sneak peek of borrower Emma and her lovely borrowed dog Floyd’s day.Read more
Just for fun7 March 2019

10 dogs that are ready for Spring

The days are getting slightly brighter, the weather is a little less unpredictable and the flowers are starting to bloom. To celebrate the occasion and to hopefully bring a smile to your face, we’ve found 10 dogs that are ready for Spring to spring into action.Read more
Just for fun5 March 2019

6 pawsome Irish dog breeds

There are some amazing things to come from Ireland; river dancing, leprechauns, milk chocolate, Guinness and also a variety of interesting dog breeds. Here we're writing about 6 pawsome dog breeds that originate from the Emerald Isle.Read more
Just for fun27 February 2019

#PickOfThePack & Walk All Over Cancer - Holly & Frisco

We’re following borrower Holly and her adorable borrowed pooch, Frisco, on their wooftastic day of reaching over 10,000 steps to Walk All Over Cancer.Read more
Just for fun29 January 2019

#PickOfThePack Kelsey and Gracie

It’s time for another #PickOfThePack. Today, we have the gorgeous Cocker Spaniel, Gracie and her lovely borrower, Kelsey. Take a look at the fun filled day below.Read more
Just for fun8 January 2019

7 of the cutest Japanese dog breeds

If you are wondering what it is about Japanese dogs that makes them so loveable, simply scroll through this list of the 7 cutest dog breeds originating from Japan!Read more
Just for fun17 December 2018

Quiz - What breed are these famous furry characters?

Snoopy, Pluto, Goofy and all of our childhood favourites filled us with joy for hours! With all that time we spent watching them do you know what breed some of our favourite characters are?Read more
Just for fun4 December 2018

December Breed of the Month - Beagle

Can you believe we’re in our last and final month of the year? Where has the time gone? But no need to fear as it’s time to celebrate our last breed of the month, the Beagle!Read more
Just for fun22 November 2018

Wagulous pet gift guide

Where does one start with their pet shopping? Well our friends at Sainsbury’s Bank have provided us with a pawsome gift guide for pets- we’re sure you’ll find something they’ll likeRead more
Just for fun21 November 2018

Quiz - How much do you really know about dogs?

It’s time to put your general dog knowledge to the test and see how much of a canine expert you are. So put your thinking caps on and answer the following questions…Read more
Just for fun15 November 2018

Quiz - What dog breed matches your personality?

Answer these simple questions and we'll tell you what dog breed is your spirit animal. Will you be a pawsome Spaniel or a royal Corgi... Find out below!Read more
Just for fun8 November 2018

Top 10 Dog Instagrams to follow

If you need to step up your pet-stagram or just need more adorable content on your feed, why not take a look at some of the most wagulous dogs of Instagram this year.Read more
Just for fun29 October 2018

November Breed of the Month - Miniature Schnauzer

Another month has been and gone and we can’t believe it’s nearly time to start thinking about Christmas! But before that we have our November Breed of the Month. This time we are celebrating the adorable Miniature Schnauzer.Read more
Just for fun2 October 2018

October Breed of the Month - Cockapoos

It’s time to say goodbye to yet another month but say hello to our Breed of the Month. This time we are celebrate the gorgeous Cockapoos - so without further ado here are a few fun facts.Read more
Just for fun6 September 2018

Top Dog Friendly Destinations for Autumn

The temperature has dropped, the holidays have finished, and the leaves are starting to gain their dusky colours. However, just because the weather might be getting cooler, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t have a great time visiting some of the best places across the UK with your furry friend.Read more
Just for fun30 August 2018

August Breed of the Month - Whippets

It’s that time again where we celebrate our Breed of the Month. Without further ado here are some pawsome facts about Whippets.Read more
Just for fun22 August 2018

Why do dogs lick us?

Whether you own or have looked after a dog before you may be all too familiar with dog licking. But is there a deeper reason as to why our dogs lick us? We take a look at the few reason why our furry friend like to lick their humans.Read more
Just for fun15 August 2018

#PickofthePack - Hanna & Chance

We have another #PickOfThePack for you this week. Borrower Hanna shares her pawsome day with borrowed doggy, Chance, to give an insight into what it’s like to borrow a dog.Read more
Just for fun31 July 2018

July Breed of the Month - Springer Spaniels

July is over, but not to worry because it’s time for Breed of the Month. This month we’re celebrating Springer Spaniels, so here are a few fun facts to learn more about the pawsome breed.Read more
Just for fun19 July 2018

Great British Dog Walks

The summer months open the floodgates for beach goers, but it also means that they close for dogs. Many public beaches have restrictions during summer months that forbid four-legged visitors. Our friends at GoCompare have searched for the best dog adventures to be had in each British region and shared the below infographic.Read more
Just for fun4 July 2018

June Breed of the Month - Golden Retrievers

Another month gone means another Breed of the Month to celebrate - high paws! This time we are highlighting the gorgeous Golden Retriever. Here are a few fun facts to help you learn more about the pawsome breed.Read more
Just for fun3 July 2018

A pawsome premiere "Disney's Patrick"

We absowoofly love our community. What better way to show our appreciation than by offering the chance to win wooftastic prizes! One of our lucky winners Lauren posted about her prize and we’d love to share it with you.Read more
Just for fun20 June 2018

10 dogs that nailed #BringYourDogToWorkDay

What better way to celebrate the most wooftastic day of the year than to share some pawsome photos of dogs that have absolutely nailed #BringYourDogToWorkDay.Read more
Just for fun30 May 2018

May Breed of the Month - Pug

Yet another month over but not to worry it’s time for Breed of the Month. This month we are celebrating Pugs, so here are pawsome facts about them.Read more
Just for fun16 May 2018

Must have items for your new puppy

Bringing a new puppy home is such an exciting time, and there a few things you may want to get before you new family member moves in. Here are some great items your new canine companion would loveRead more
Just for fun15 May 2018

Plan a doggy hike to the Peak District

Fancy a fun staycation? Why not head to the Peak District to enjoy the beautiful views, fresh air and exciting hikes. Our friends from Wonderful Wellies have create an infographic so you can plan your perfect trip with your furry best friend.Read more
Just for fun29 April 2018

The UK's dog spending habits

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all love pampering our dogs. Our friends from the Groom Arts academy have pull together some research and we’re turned this into a fun infographic for youRead more
Just for fun28 April 2018

April Breed of the Month - Dachshunds

We’re celebrating Dachshunds this month, so here are a few fun facts to learn more about the pawsome breed.Read more

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