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Heart-warming stories from the BorrowMyDoggy community about leaving 'Pawprints of Happiness' on the lives of dogs and people.

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Alternative to kennels

Whether you travel for longer periods of time or prefer weekend holidays, BorrowMyDoggy matches are a pawsome alternative to kennels.

  • Watch Maximus's story
    We’ve become friends with our borrower and it’s nice to leave your dog with a friend as opposed to a kennel.
  • Watch Posey's story
    It's like hiring a babysitter. Our borrowers help because they love dogs, not because it's their job.
  • Watch Charlie's story
    You pay your subscription to BorrowMyDoggy, but the money that you’d actually spend, you would save if you had to pay for a dog walker.
  • Watch Roxy's story
    When we first got Roxy we used a dog-sitter, but something was missing and it was expensive. Then I heard of BorrowMyDoggy and we tried it out - it’s incredible.
  • Watch Bonzo and Jasper's story
    The dogs stayed in kennels, which I was not happy with and then Jasper came back with kennel cough, so I decided never again.
  • Watch Cider's story
    Having somebody close by for 2-3 hours to walk her is key. With a kennel, they can’t devote the time you want to your dog.
  • Watch Poppy's story
    For other dog-care places, I wondered are they doing it because they love dogs or for money? BorrowMyDoggy borrowers do it for love.
  • Watch McTavish's story
    Knowing that McTavish is with somebody that knows him so well is just a nice feeling. You just know that he’s in good hands and is getting one-on-one attention.
  • Watch George's story
    BorrowMyDoggy has saved us a small fortune as traditional doggy kennels are really expensive.
  • Watch Ziggy's story
    The difference between borrowing and kennels is the fact we offer our home, we give undivided attention and we’ve formed a relationship.
  • Watch Darcy's story
    If we want to go away for the weekend, BorrowMyDoggy is such a better experience than kennels.
  • Watch Bertie's story
    The difference is between a personal and professional relationship. Rather than being rigid and inflexible, we work at things together.
  • Watch Dusty's story
    Because I’m not working and I’m on maternity allowances, so BorrowMyDoggy has really helped budget-wise.
  • Watch Cherry's story
    BorrowMyDoggy really saved us, and I’m so grateful. I couldn’t afford professional dog care - It would have cost me more than I’m paying for my kids to go to university.