Two women are sitting on a bench. In front of them is Bertie, the Chocolate labrador - a large, dark brown dog.

Bertie, Sue and Hannah

When Sue’s son left home and his dog, Bertie, behind, Sue joined BorrowMyDoggy for him to have some company during the day. As she shares, “I was really worried about what being home alone was going to be like for him. BorrowMyDoggy has added so much to his life and he’s like a puppy again - he’s got another family now, as well.”

For dog-lover Hannah, working from home provided the perfect opportunity to join BorrowMyDoggy and find some canine companionship for during the days. “It gets a bit lonely when you’re on your own, so I wanted some company during the day - just a dog to sit with me in my office. I fell in love with Bertie straight away.”

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