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McTavish, Kelsy, Greg, Emma and Lexi

Wanting one-on-one attention and care for their Pomeranian, McTavish, prompted Greg and Kelsy to join BorrowMyDoggy. As they share, “we used to take McTavish to doggy daycare, but you’re not really sure what kind of attention they’re getting. Now when he’s with his borrower, you know what he’s in good hands.”

McTavish’s borrowers, Emma and Lexi, shared how “dogs are just our favourite things in the whole world and when we matched with McTavish, it was love at first sight - our lives have definitely improved.”

How has BorrowMyDoggy made a difference to your lives?

Have there been any unexpected benefits?

Why did you choose BorrowMyDoggy over traditional dog care methods?

About McTavish

  • Breed: Pomeranian
  • Owner: Kelsy and Greg
  • Location: Brighton and Hove

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