Maximus, Maggie and Alex
Two women are sitting on steps outside. They are both paying attention to a tan and black, short-nosed dog that is being held by one of them.

Maximus, Maggie and Alex

“I feel like we’ve become friends and it’s nice to leave your dog with a friend as opposed to a kennel where you don’t know anybody."

Maximus and his owner, Maggie, matched with borrower Alex who lives right across the street. Maximus is regularly borrowed by Alex when his owners are busy or on holiday and she explained, “the great thing about BorrowMyDoggy is that you get to meet people from all around your area and it builds a community.”

Maggie has also noticed a big difference in Maximus, sharing that he’s “lost a lot of weight from all the walks he’s been going on and seems so happy.” And for Alex, “helping take care of Maximus definitely filled that dog void” and she finally has the happy dog time “she always craved and couldn't really fulfil.”

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