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Roxy, Annik and Stephanie

Dog-lover Stephanie has found her pawfect Christmas match with Cockapoo Roxy and her owner, Annik. As she says, “I’ve been looking after Roxy for just over 1 year now and for Christmas, Annik and Carl are going away, and I’m going to look after her for 5 weeks! She’s going to stay at ours and we are absolutely thrilled - we could not be happier. It’s going to be the best Christmas!"

Business owner Annik signed up her gorgeous Cockapoo, Roxy, to BorrowMyDoggy for extra help when her and her partner have work events or when they’re away. Annik shares how she and Roxy have benefited from BorrowMyDoggy - “It’s just amazing - Stephanie is so reliable. “When Stephanie is coming over Roxy goes crazy. She’s so excited, which is so nice and trusting.”

About Roxy

  • Breed: Cockapoo
  • Owner: Annik
  • Location: Islington, London

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