Three adults and a child are sitting in the park together with a brown and white dog

Otto, Nicki and Catherine

After listening to her daughter’s pleas to get a dog, Catherine decided the whole family should join BorrowMyDoggy, where they matched with the gorgeous Otto. As Catherine shares, “one day we would like to get our own dog, and so therefore we looked for breeds that we might like to think about getting. BorrowMyDoggy is a relationship built on wanting to do right by the dog - it’s not about money.”

For dog owner Nicki, she originally joined as a borrower, then when the time was right, got a dog of her own, Otto the Sprocker, and signed him up, too! She says, “BorrowMyDoggy has completely changed my life. I’ve built up a really fantastic relationship with the family that borrow Otto, and he has grown in confidence and is now socialising with other dogs. It’s just fantastic.”

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