Leo, Liz and Sophie
Leo is in the foreground, living up to his name he has long, golden fur with a bit of a curl to it. Behind him sit two smiling women.

Leo, Liz and Sophie

“BorrowMyDoggy is the best thing that’s happened to me with regards to Leo - it’s an absolute lifesaver. Leo’s a lot happier and I’m a lot happier, too."

After Liz got Leo, the gorgeous Cocker Spaniel, her life circumstances unexpectedly changed. Although she initially struggled to find traditional dog walkers and home dog boarding, since joining BorrowMyDoggy, there are now “so many people that want to look after Leo. They're all amazing, I'm so grateful, they’re all lovely people and they love looking after Leo.”

As they say, owner Liz, borrower Sophie and gorgeous pooch, Leo, are "always spreading 'Pawprints of Happiness'".

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