Cider, Lesley and Steve
Two smiling people are sitting on a log in woodland. They have broad grins and in front of them is a white, curly-haired dog with their tongue out

Cider, Lesley and Steve

After feeling traditional doggy daycare was “quite regimented”, Cider’s owner, Lesley, was so happy to find a BorrowMyDoggy match. For her, it’s been a “win, win, win. I’ve found people live close by that love dogs in the way that we do. It just so flexible.”

Dog-lover Steve joined BorrowMyDoggy so his children could spend time with a dog, and matched with the gorgeous Cider, a Wheaten Terrier. As he says, “Cider loves my kids. They’re desperate for a dog, and this is the perfect way of them getting some doggy time.”

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