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Dusty, Caroline and Jane

Caroline joined BorrowMyDoggy when she was pregnant to get extra help for her dog, Dusty. As she says, “I knew I was going to struggle with giving Dusty the walks he needs. I was really looking for a family so that Dusty could get the hang of being around children. Now, Dusty’s got his borrower, Jane, who has children and they take him two days a week - he just absolutely adores them.”

For borrower Jane, repeated efforts from her children persuading her to get a dog made her join. “We haven’t got time to have a dog ourselves and the children are absolutely desperate for one, so we thought it would be a really good way to spend some time with a dog. We’ve been so lucky with Dusty and BorrowMyDoggy has been a brilliant experience.”

As a new mother, how has BorrowMyDoggy helped you?

How has Dusty benefited from spending time with a family

Has borrowing Dusty satisfied your children’s desire to get a dog?

About Dusty

  • Breed: Sicilian Hound Cross
  • Owner: Caroline
  • Location: Burgess Hill, Surrey

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