A small white and tan dog with long, silky ears is sitting on the lap of a lady who is sitting at her desk

Darcy, Rosanna, Mike and Lauren

“The great thing about BorrowMyDoggy is that we've been able to develop a relationship with our borrower, Lauren. She's become a friend of ours, and definitely a friend of Darcy's, too.”

Rosanna and Mike have found the pawfect match for their pup, Darcy, in their borrower, Lauren. She takes Darcy to the office twice a week, where “she brightens up the whole atmosphere for everybody and gets constant attention”.

For them, “it’s so much more than a business of dog walking and dog sitting. It's developing a doggy community. If we want to go away for the weekend, there’s people who can look after her and it’s such a better experience than kennels.”

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