Two adults and a young child are sitting on a park bench with a Hungarian Vizsla

Stanley, Kerry and Francesca

For dog owner Kerry, BorrowMyDoggy has helped her and her family out massively. “I signed up because I was pregnant and knew that I needed a bit of help with such an active dog, in what could have been a very stressful time with a new baby. We’re very lucky to now have our borrower, Francesca, as a part of our family.”

For Francesca, she found that BorrowMyDoggy provides “a really good opportunity to get outside and do something a bit different with your free time. Stanley is so much fun to walk and have around - he’s definitely my best friend.”

What are the unexpected benefits of BorrowMyDoggy?

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How does Stanley get on with your borrower, Francesca?

What impact has BorrowMyDoggy had on Stanley?

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