Two people and a dog are in a park on a warm day. The dog's mouth is open wide as if they are speaking or laughing.

Viola, Alessandra and Asha

When owner Alessandra moved to the UK from Italy, she joined BorrowMyDoggy for her dog, Viola, to have company whilst she was adjusting to her new lifestyle, travelling with work and for general care when she was out. As Alessandra shares, “it was totally unexpected to find a lot of people who wanted to spend time with Viola and make my life easier. It’s made our borrower, Asha, happy, and it’s made me happy, too.”

For dog-lover Asha, being between jobs and looking for distraction prompted her to sign up. “I wanted to get some positivity and happiness in my life, and dogs do just that without any cost. It’s the most amazing experience.”

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