Waggy Tales Testimonials

Beau, Murphy, Moushska, Marie-Antoinette and Suzanne

When a change in personal circumstances meant owner Marie-Antoinette couldn’t walk her three dogs, she joined BorrowMyDoggy. As she shared, “I needed reliable people to take them for walks and love them like I do. Now, my dogs are healthier, they have a better mood, it’s keeping their weight down and they have a whole new lease of life.”

For borrower Suzanne, her daughter’s constant pleas for a dog prompted them to join as a family. “BorrowMyDoggy totally knocks the nail on the head with that compromise of yes you can care for a dog, but you don't have the long term commitment of having one of your own. As a mum, I was so delighted to see just how genuinely happy my daughter, Rosie, is with the dogs.”

What impact has BorrowMyDoggy had on your dogs’ lives?

As a mum, how has BorrowMyDoggy helped your family?

For a child who’s always wanted a dog, how has BorrowMyDoggy helped?

About Beau, Murphy and Moushska

  • Breed: Chihuahuas
  • Owner: Marie-Antoinette
  • Location: Ilford

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