Waggy Tales Testimonials

Charlie, Marion and June

Dog-lover June joined BorrowMyDoggy after her last dog passed away and she no longer felt in the position to have a dog of her own. She matched with Charlie and his owner, Marion, and now enjoys a blossoming relationship with both of them. “I’ve got Charlie as a little friend and Marion and I get on very well, too. We went to the ballet together and then out for lunch as part of Marion’s Birthday treat. I’m like an honorary granny to Marion.”

When dog owner Marion moved to a new area, she joined BorrowMyDoggy so she and her gorgeous Cavapoo, Charlie, could meet new friends. They matched with “honorary granny” June, and as Marion says, “June’s a councillor and I’m a councillor in training, so that’s perfect. She even brought me soup when I was ill.”

About Charlie

  • Breed: Cavapoo
  • Owner: Marion
  • Location: Hither Green, London

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