Two women are sitting in a park holding a slim dog who seems to be all legs!

Minnie, Kate and Selene

BorrowMyDoggy works out perfectly for everyone. It makes me happy, it makes Minnie happy and it makes Selene happy. It’s a win all round

Minnie the Whippet suffered from separation anxiety, so her owner, Kate, joined BorrowMyDoggy to socialise her with more people while she's out and about. They matched with Selene, who was looking for ways to be more active in her community and now feels that her life has been enriched so much that she shared "when Minnie is around, I get out, have more social contact, I feel more mindful and also more connected.”

Video Transcription:

- (Selene) This is Minnie. She’s my buddy. [LAUGHING]

- (Kate) I had her since she was nine weeks old, a tiny little puppy, and she got terrible separation anxiety when she was small,
so it makes a huge difference to know that if I’m going to need to be out, or away from her for more than a couple of hours or so that she can be with Selene.

- (Selene) When I saw Kate’s profile, I like the way she talked about sharing like and immediately it gave me the sense of someone who feels like spreading love as the way to go.

- (Kate) The other thing that was making a big difference it was literally how close they are and also you really need to get on with the person and it also needs to be practical with getting backwards and forwards, but with Selene, she and Minnie clicked the first time they met, we kind of clicked the first time and it was all really easy from there.

- (Selene) I was really, really depressed last year, I was having a really tough time and actually a friend of mine said
‘Why don’t you try BorrowMyDoggy?’. She’s a therapist and said it would help and actually it was a huge help for me and being able to get out, have some social contact, it was so helpful in the process of getting healthy again.

- (Kate) Occasionally, when I tell people about Selene, they said to me ‘Oh, how can you hand over your dog to a stranger?’ and the fact is at no point was Selene a stranger, by the time I decided Minnie was going to spend time with her, Selene was my friend.

- (Selene) When Minnie is around, I start the day off. I feel more mindful, and also just more connected, I go out, I’m in the Sun. The fact you’re going out taking her for a walk, thinking about her, what she needs, it takes the emphasis off yourself.

- (Kate) It just works perfectly for everyone. It makes me happy, it makes Minnie happy, it makes Selene happy so it’s a win all around. I know she’s completely happy, that Selene knows about Whippet Hounds, and takes a good care of her, so it gives me completely peace of mind.

- (Selene) I said it’s well-being and friendship with animals and humans.


- (Kate) So that’s a 'yes', from the Minnie department.

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