Bobby and Murphy, two gorgeous doggies, sit wearing their Guide Dogs bandanas, with Uncle Nellie sat between them wearing his Guide Dogs t-shirt

Bobby, Clare and Neille

Are you curious about BorrowMyDoggy and want to hear real-life experiences from our members? Look no further!

Dog owner, Clare, recently reached out to us to share a heartwarming story of how BorrowMyDoggy connected two dog lovers, bringing joy, companionship, and even a meaningful charitable endeavour into their lives.

Clare and Bobby’s story

“My Golden Retriever, Bobby, is walked by borrower, Neille. My other boy, Murphy, occasionally joins for a walk too but not too far as he's not so young anymore.

Doggy members, Murphy and Bobby, sat in the park smiling, wearing their Guide Dog bandanas proudly
Doggy members, Murphy and Bobby

Neille aka Uncle Nellie joined BorrowMyDoggy after his granddog, Buster, the Labrador, went to live permanently with his son. After walking Buster three times a day, Neille felt quite bereft when he left.

Neille took retirement and wanted a canine companion to exercise with and I needed a walker for Bobby as my circumstances had changed considerably too. Thanks to BorrowMyDoggy, Bobby and Uncle Nellie became best friends. Neille will still take my older dog, Murphy, on a short trip as a treat if he is up to it and Buster occasionally who is also lame now too.

Doggy member, Bobby, and borrower, Uncle Nellie, sat in the park smiling together on a sunny day
Doggy member, Bobby, and borrower, Uncle Nellie

Before my Dad passed away he bought two Guide Dogs for the charity. I asked Neille if he would take part in the 100km during October walk with Bobby, in memory of my Dad. Neille was only too pleased to oblige.

Uncle Nellie and Bobby, with a few hundred metres from Murphy and Buster added too, completed the challenge in less than seventeen days and raised, with gift aid and offline donations an amazing £1,094.50. I am so proud of my BorrowMyDoggy friends.

Doggy members, Bobby and Murphy, climbing on borrower, Uncle Nellie, to show him some love
Doggy members, Bobby and Murphy, with borrower, Uncle Nellie

I couldn't be happier, I've found a true dog lover that walks Bobby and also boards my two boys now if I need to be away from home. Bobby will be sending Christmas gifts to Uncle Nellie and Auntie Catherine, the biggest thank you to them both for all their help and true kindness throughout this last year.”

Leaving pawprints of happiness on the lives of dogs and people

What started as a simple dog-walking arrangement blossomed into a bond filled with shared memories, generosity and even a charity challenge. Connections like the one between Bobby, Clare and Neille remind us that it's not just about finding someone to walk your dog – it's about bringing together kind-hearted individuals, their furry companions, creating lasting friendships, and the opportunity to make a difference.

BorrowMyDoggy is so much more than a service; it's a community where dogs and borrowers form bonds that go far beyond the leash.

Join this heartwarming community and discover the joy of connecting with fellow dog lovers today.

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We hope their story inspires you to explore the pawsome possibilities that await you and your BFF on BorrowMyDoggy. Who knows? Your heartwarming story might be the next one we share. Happy borrowing and wagging tails to all!

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