Poppy, Sam, Sevan and Sharon
Three people and a shaggy, black and white dog are sitting at a picnic table on a sunny day

Poppy, Sam, Sevan and Sharon

“I think it’s fairly obvious to see that Poppy absolutely adores her borrowers. I know that she’s in good company and that she’s loved and she loves them just as much.”

Poppy is a Dogs Trust rescue who's owner, Sam, joined BorrowMyDoggy to make the most of Poppy's neverending energy. They matched with Sevan and Sharon, who've been thinking about getting a dog of their own and now take Poppy on fun adventures to Flyball practice, around the park and more.

Sam, Sevan and Sharon all believe that "BorrowMyDoggy is more than just an arrangement, it’s a friendship.”

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