Two people and a chocolate brown dog are enjoying a walk in beautiful countryside with hills in the background

Tony, Karen and Reggie

Owner, Tony, joined BorrowMyDoggy back in 2016 with his previous dog, Rob. Tony was looking for extra help walking Rob and reached out to borrower, Karen. They met for a cup of tea one weekend and over time their friendship has grown, as Tony says "BorrowMyDoggy has brought so much friendship into my life through our mutual love for a dog."

When Rob passed away, Tony, rescued Reggie and Karen has continued to support Tony and regularly walks Reggie.

Karen, joined BorrowMyDoggy to enjoy spending time with a dog whilst not currently in a position to have one of her own. Karen enjoys being able to spend some time with a dog and built up a relationship with Rob and now Reggie and as Karen says, "it's given us a good taste of what it would be like to have our own dog, without any of the cost or the responsibilities of it."

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