A small, long-haired, black and tan dog is in the arms of a smiling woman

Byron, Marylee and Mandy

“I feel so blessed to have met our borrower, Mandy. Byron has a really great time with Mandy and I’ve got more time too, so the balance is perfect.”

When he’s not busy collecting the newspaper from the local shop and carrying it home, Byron is sharing his eternal love with owner Marylee and borrower Mandy. After searching for the perfect family dog, Marylee got Byron and he began spending his day at work with her. When her time and focus at work became harder to balance, Marylee searched for a dog lover who’d be able to give Byron extra love, exercise and attention during the day.

Instead of traditional doggy day care, Marylee wanted more of a family environment for Byron and found just that in her borrower, Mandy, who formerly owned a dog and missed having a canine companion for her long walks and cuddles at home.

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